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Charity Donation:

Graphic Experts International, Salim Ahmed realizes most of the people in Bangladesh live under poverty. People those  who are born in the rural and under developed area of Bangladesh like Gaibandha District are facing problem of finding enough food to survive as well as proper shelter. Salim Ahmed has properly realized it by the depth of his heart and he would like keep him beside the suffering people. Hence, he has taken a great initiative.

It’s an area where the people have the only source of income depending on land and insufficient industry for employment. It’s a common scenario of Bangladesh where there is lack of education, insufficient health support, densely populated community, lack of land, shortage of clothing and food as well as all over the poverty. There is not enough support for food charities.

At his young age when Salim Ahmed lived in Gaibandha he tried to fill the reality of peoples’ suffering. He visited different places and talked to people and tried to realize their basic needs. From then he desired himself when he’ll get chance he will be beside the suffering people.

After completing his B.S.C and M.S.C from Jagannath University,Bangladesh. He has started his career in Color Experts International which was owned by his uncle DR.R.K.Molla. Finally he worked there as General Manager, Marketing. After that he started his own business. Now he has been working as the Managing Director of Graphic Center about four years and now he has been working as the CEO of Clipping Path Center (CPC), Graphic Experts International, Graphic Experts Intl. (GEI) and Graphic Experts India. Graphic Experts Online is one of the best on line based out sourcing graphic designing firms in Bangladesh.

To keep faith on his early ambition he didn’t forget the suffering of people that he left behind in his village Gaibandha. His lifetime vision to assist these people had now begun; here he doesn’t bother about the hard work, He is fully determined to do his.

As this consequence he established GRAMEEN OIKKO SHONGASTHA as an NGO which is working for the development of the poor people and successfully it has done some of its mission.

Being a dedicated person Salim Ahmed wished to plan to start business for his own as well as to assist the people. He has dedicated for his business and he has become successful. Now donates from $3000 per month on basis of requirements. A special team of volunteers look after the funds and they ensure the money to reach to the right people. Graphic Experts International has been helping the people to repair their houses, clothing, cash, food and vehicles support

Moreover, we give the first priority for job of those people who are from rural areas of Gaibandha in Banglades. We trained and instruct them properly as well as they perform well under the close monitoring of our GEI team.

Salim Ahmed’s has firm desire that he’ll motivate his entire team of GEI to participate his dream and he has a long run vision to increase the monthly charity donations to cover more area of Bangladesh.

His late uncle, Dr. R K Molla, would be so very proud of his achievements.

voluntary activities

You can see our voluntary activities through images as we provided goods, clothes and other services to the suffering people in Gaibandha. To continue our activities we need charity commission from all broad minded people all over the world. If you like to join with Ahmed’s activities you are most welcome. What might be your participation for charity funding; GEI will appreciate your little charity commission. Here paypal can be way for charity donation.

Otherwise, to know details about our real activities contact our GEI team now and they will explain you in details regarding the issue.

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