Photo Background Remove Service

Photo Background remove services are here to help you find the solutions you need for all of your projects. Often, you’ll have a photograph with a stunningly perfect subject and a sub-par background. Sometimes,you’ll have a great shot of a product that’s marred by distracting scenery and other objects. Other times, you just need to isolate your subject for use in a digital composite. All of these problems — and more! — can be solved quickly, easily and cheaply with the help of GEI.

What is Photo Background Removal used For? 

Photo Background Removal provides three major functions:

1: Isolates an picture from an undesirable background

Sometimes, your background is ugly. Sometimes, it’s too pretty, and it detracts from your subject. Other times, it doesn’t matter — you just want to use the subject on its own. Photo Background removal solves all of these issues by knocking out your background entirely. We are glad to provide your photograph on a transparent background for easy use in your projects.

2: Edit a subject and background separately

Even professionally shot photographs can suffer from poor lighting and shadows. Sometimes, you want to artificially add some depth-of-field to aid draw the eye towards the subject or just make your picture look more artistic. You may even want to use a dramatic effect, like making your background removing in black and white while preserving the color in the subject. For all of these needs, our background removing service is perfect — we provide a PSD with our selection, allowing you to make the photo edits you need.

3: Remove an undesirable subject from an image

Background removal service can also work in reverse clipping path— we can take out a small part of your photo and leave the rest. If you have a tourist wandering into your scenic shot, some unwanted clutter in the photo or some stray objects in the background, we’re here to assist you. Our background removing service can knock out small details quickly and return your done image quickly. We can combine our other works to even re-synthesize the ‘missing’ parts of your photograph, or leave the editing to you.

 How Is Background Removing Done? 

At GEI, we take quality seriously. While some of our competitors try to use automation like the magic wand tool to quickly make rough selections, we carefully use all of the latest tools and techniques to manually select portions of your image. This process is more exact and much more time consuming. We believe our pixel-perfect results are more than worth it!

We save all of our selections as paths. Our PSDs are included in the package we deliver when we handle your project.

How Does Photo Background Removal Work with Your Other Services?

GEI’s clipping path, deep etching, photo masking, clipping mask services are very similar to our background removal service. Our staff is happy to advise you about which work is best suited for your photo based on the complexity of the task and how you’d like your edits delivered. We’re more than happy to customize our services to fit the needs of your project!

Some of our other works, like color adjustment and photo retouching, can be combined with photo background removing to help target individual areas of your eCommerce image editing . In combination, these effects can dramatically and powerfully change the tone and composition of your clipping image. You’ll be sure to make quite the impression!

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