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The newborn baby is wonderful, charming and modest for a shorter period. In this period little moment is a very charming and expensive moment for baby and family. However, people want to capture the moment of a newly born baby. Parents don’t want to miss the chance of this occasion to capture it. In recent days, it has become a very popular trend.

Professional Services for Your Newborn Baby Photos

Photos of newborn kids have lots of undesired backgrounds that reduce beauty. The newborn baby is innocent but their background is hampering the appeal. To remove the unnecessary background is possible by our expert designer and editors.

Also, depth, detail, color, etc. can be adjusted and edited with Graphics expert India Editors. Shadow addition is another technique to look at newborn photos more realistic. Color correction of the child portrait can give a natural look.

How Our Newborn Photo Editing & Retouching Service Works?

Editing is a process that can turn the dull and normal photo into the stunning and sparkling. However, even for the experienced photographer newborn photography is quite challenging.

Because newborn baby capturing is not easy. Baby does not want to stay still or do a pose for the camera. Though you take the photos of newborn people but still some processing and editing will give professional look to the photos.

There are various steps in the process of newborn photo editing. Anyone can follow these steps to edit newborn baby photos-


Photoshop airbrush

Babies are beautiful in the eyes of parents but still need some modification when carrying the photos to the client. Most of the photos of the babies are edited to correct the skin condition, blemish, scratch, and details. Use the brush opacity with low so that the image would not drop its real look.

Adjust the color of skin and photo

A newborn baby has some slight redness in their skin. some times in a photo there is an over-exposed situation in certain parts of the photos. Using Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop will help to remove those faults. However, it is wise to leave the birthmark in the photo of a newborn baby.  Don’t give vintage effect, make the photos soft and natural.

Using sliders

The client wants the smoothest skin in the newborn photos. To give this you need to use the clarity and contrast sliders in the lightroom. Remove the unnecessary spots, shadows, skin smoothing can be done with this slider. Keep the range in -10 to -20 of the clarity sliders. The main goal is to make a soft appearance without giving a harsh look in the images.

Save the Preset for uniformity

When you found the ultimate look of newborn photos make sure that save the edit in the lightroom. Which will help to use in the future or can make other photos with this type of look?  However, presets save the time when you give the client for a sample or make another editing.

Baby Photo Retouching Service Category in Graphics experts India

We are the best photoshop image editing service providing company. Get  Baby photo retouching service has the following category-

Editing of nose, eyes, and cheeks 

Whenever editing comes in our mind, the face is the prior area for editing. The newborn baby is perfect to their parents but editors need to do the retouch up the photos of the new child.

GEI editors are simply great in the editing of any portrait photos. However, most pictures have a similar problem such as nose, eyes, and cheeks.

Photo editors willingly do the job to remove any kind of imperfection in the photos. Our expert uses the photoshop tools to do all kinds of edit and give an excellent photo to the client.

Background editing

 Background removal is one of the popular services for any kind of portrait photography. Also, all kinds of photographers may not get the proper background in the time of capturing photos. Hence, newborn photography is not a different form of other photos. Therefore, everyone wants a simple and natural background in the photos of a child.

Also, the most common type editing techniques used for background editing are Clipping path, Multipath, Deep Etching. Lastly, people always like to see a gorgeous background in baby photos. That is why background removal service is useful for baby photo editing.

Skin and lips correction

The new baby is always dear and pretty to their parents. Since every single parent wants to capture the moment of their new baby, they need newborn photo editing services. Skin and lip retouching are other types of editing of newborn photography. The skin of the newborn baby needs slight retouching but lips retouching is also a tiresome work. 

Consequently, the best advice for the photo editors is to use the best tools which work best for the above type of edit. Some tools for editing lips and skin such as brush healing and sample of clone tool, blending and texture using, pen tool, blend-if, frequency separation.

Unwanted object removal

This problem is not new in the photography and editing world. When a new baby born many gifts came to their house, parents can not cope up with cleaning and other household chores.

Or, when anyone takes the photos in the house it is possible to capture the unwanted object in the photo. In newborn baby photography, it plays a huge role.  Moreover, the photographer cannot delete that photo because that image has the desired shot.

To solve this photoshop and other software there to remove the unwanted object from the photos with the help of our expert team.


Adjustment of Contrast & Color

First of all, the camera may not capture all kind details and depths which we are seeing with our eye. Also, baby portraits should be natural and vivid. It is expected from the parents of the baby that their angel should be the same in the picture as they see with their open eyes.

Nevertheless, the photographer tries their best to ensure the color and contrast of the photos. Baby photo retouching services are there to avoid the above problem that occurs.

Graphics Expert India provides newborn baby editing services which include contrast and color correction services.


Exposure correction

Sometimes there is a lacking of light or too much light in the time of taking photos. Also, this method helps to reflect the true image moment that came in front of our eyes. In the time of taking a newborn baby photo, there is a possibility of appearing exposure problems.

Moreover, the image always has not a natural look because of cameras, photographers, lighting and many other factors.

For this reason, GEI offers exposure correction services from our expert team members.


Enhance the eyes, nose, mouth and lips, hair details

This category is similar to the portrait retouch. Digital photo retouch up is the technique used to enhance the beauty of the photo of the baby.

Also, the eyes, nose. mouth, lips and hair details can be enhanced with Adobe lightroom and photoshop. Professional photo editors use the most modern and advanced technology to enhance the details of the face of the infant.

So choose the expert editors who can provide newborn baby retouching services and get the best editing services.


Improve Cloth, hat, basket and headband details

People think that only the face and skin should be softened and retouch up in the photos. But they miss the other details that also important in the photos. However, editors and photographers always aware of that. Though infant baby photography services are not the same as e-commerce but every baby wear beautiful apparel which should be highlighted in the picture with enough details.

Moreover, editors try to improve the details of the baby’s cloth, basket, hat as well as a headband. If we sum up, all these things fulfill the beauty and presentation of the photo. 

Reflection removal of the red-eye

The digital camera has this kind of problem. When the photographer takes the photo of an infant it may occur in the picture. Because the flash of the camera reflects on the retina of the eye, which causes the red-eye effect problem.

Furthermore, at night this is a common problem in photography. So, if it is possible to take a picture with a high amount of light then take the photos of the baby at that time. so, the solution for the red-eye reflection is simple.

However, the expert editing team always there in GEI to help you out for removing the red-eye.


Why Should You Outsource Our Newborn Image Editing Services

New Born photo retouching and editing are done by our dedicated team members. Most of the photographers know that retouching and editing is a difficult task. For that, we are here to edit your newborn photographs where our editors have a great experience in newborn editing for a long period.

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