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Photo Retouching Service is the most outstanding Photoshop services of Graphic Experts India. We are one of the best photos touch up service provider at the cheapest price.  There is a saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

The photograph took hours when they need to change the presence of the women.  Photo retouching services required special arrangements. Moreover, the expert photographer may shoot the photo but the shot may not be good. There may be some problems with lighting or other problem. However, they have not enough time to do the replacement of the shot.

In this type of situation, Photo touch up services would help you. Thinking how Photo Retouchup will help you? Graphics Expert India offers Beauty Airbrushing, Glamour, Hair, Body Shaping, Wedding Photo, Head-Shot, High-End, Jewelry, Shadow retouching services.  Also, Removal of dust, spot, scratch, image object, camera reflection and wrinkle on the cloth. Above service category of the Photo Retouching for the professional photographers, e-commerce business, magazine, brochure, catalog and printing sectors, etc. so, why are you waiting if any of these sectors desire our services. Choose the best retouch up services from us at the best prices.

What is Photo Retouching?

Photo retouch refers to the airbrushing, retouchup and process of the photo editing. This is done to create a change in the image. So, the subject of the image presentation will be awesome if editors retouch up the photo. Retouchers try to edit the photo with the tiny retouch up in the photos. In the photo retouching color correction, white balance or editing the photo service of the image. Also cropping, reshaping, exposure, contrast correction, composition improvement, etc. are done. In a nutshell, it’s a Photoshop expert’s job to focus on what types of image retouching gears require to enhance the photo beauty.

Photo touch up services category in Graphics experts India

Photo touch up service is the most outstanding photo editing service of Graphic Experts India. There is a saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” When you present yourself, your projects to the world, how much are your pictures worth?

Graphic Experts India is recognized as the best retouching service Provider for any model, portrait or product Image touch up services. Moreover, Graphics Expert India assures quality Photoshop services with the lowest price. Here is the category of Professional Photo Retouching service –

Beauty Retouching | Beauty Airbrushing

One of the most popular services of the photo retouching category is beauty retouching. Photoshop used to provide the beauty retouch up service. There are a variety of tools in the photoshop that help to retouch the hair, skin as well as body proportion.

Moreover, portrait photography is now very common in every magazine, fashion house also the e-commerce business. This type of image retouching desires the advanced level of beauty airbrushing.

As a result, Professional retouchers are required like GEI experts will help to get these services. So, compare the effect of beauty retouch up with our services from the expert team members.

Beauty Retouching Before Beauty Retouching After
Glamour Retouching (Digital Makeup Creation) Before Glamour Retouching (Digital Makeup Creation) After

Glamour Retouching (Digital Makeup Creation):

Glamour is a buzzword of the fashion world. Whatever photo you take of a person it should be glamorous. Not only the digital makeup knows as Glamour retouching as well as the digital cosmetology. Hence, it applies to the models, fashion peoples, wedding, etc. photos.

Most of the people in those photos’ customers want them to be young or maybe old according to the necessity. Moreover, the main goal of the Digital makeup is to gain more concentration on the image of the model as well as the product. So, all these techniques applied to do the glamour retouching services.

Hair Retouching:

Hair Retouching is the most avoidable part of the Photography retouching services. Retouchers who are doing the beauty retouching they know there is no short way to do hair retouching.

However, to avoid the distraction from the photo editor do the skin and glamour retouch up. But to make your retouching exceptional hair retouch up must. To do the retouch hair editors need to know the use of Brush Tool, Clone Stamp tool, Spot healing tools, etc. and use these in the area of fashion or portrait photography. Also, the area of e-commerce industry fur and hair retouching is prevalent. Choose smartly, who retouch hair with professional experience.

Hair Retouching Before Hair Retouching After
Body Reshaping Before Body Reshaping After

Body Reshaping and Touch Up

Body Reshaping services can be done with the retouch up expert. To make photos look more appealing and good retouching and reshaping is mandatory. However, body shaping not only changes the appearance of your image also the presentation of the photo changes.

If anyone has wanted a perfect look in the magazine photo, e-commerce business photo, billboard photo with models, actors then use body reshaping services. Special retouchers can be trimming the waist, reposition the arms, reshape the chest also remove the cloth folds problem. Finally, the model or person of the photo would have a gorgeous look in that image.

Wedding Photo Retouch

Wedding the biggest moment of our life. Hence, we try to be gorgeous and glamorous in the wedding photos. When the photographer takes all the photos of the wedding need post-editing. Professional retouch up experts will help to do this editing and help people make memory vivid.

Wedding photo retouch up is beneficial for the event management companies, wedding photographers and other peoples.

But retouchers use various correction of color, contrast, etc. as well as eradicate the errors of the photos. So, choose the expert retouch up service provider so that you would get your photo like the wedding moment.

Wedding Before Wedding After
Headshot Retouching Services Before Head-shot Retouching Services After

Headshot Retouching

Headshot constantly supports to carry the character of your own. Photo Retouch up in the photo can be done with color adjust, lighting, shadow correction. Also, clean the error under eye circle, hair, teeth, and scar in the face. Besides, skin smoothing, sweat removing, face overexposure correction included in headshot services. Background removal of the headshot is also in this retouch up service. Though this service is additional in headshot retouching.

Graphic Experts India has profession retouch up an expert to here to provide the best headshot retouching service which includes wrinkle elimination, pimples, acne, pigmentation, dark spots, and scars removal on the face.

Product Photo Retouching

Product photography is the gems of the e-commerce business. Because the representation of the image requires matter in the business world. Well, to show every single detail of the product it is very important.

Using the best and high-quality camera with the best retouch services. Which means to ensure the proper color, object and the texture of the photo. Even more, most of the online retailers know that the online market place depends on the photos which would boost the business in the online world. Moreover, Photo retouch up would benefit the product photos which give the best idea to the customer.

GEI has dedicated and customized services for product photographers. Here, you can check our eCommerce Product Photo Editing Service page to know more. Hence, our shoe image editing and retouching is established as the best out there.  

Product Photo Retouching Services Before Product Photo Retouching Services After
High-end Photo Retouching Services before High-end Photo Retouching Services After

High-end Image Retouching

The High-end retouching regards as a specialized section in photoshop retouching. In every business, image is very essential to build the brand. But this image editing is a hard and skillful task. When Retouchers try to focus on the particular colors, the pattern of the crop, subject and focus should have a brand standard retouch up. After retouching up to the photos, the manufacturer will represent the product or services more gorgeously.

So, it will be more appealing for the consumer when they see the detail of a product which leads to better sales of the business. More than 70% of consumers attract with an image of the product then read the description. That is why high-end retouching if the image is very important in e-commerce as well as other aspects of photography.

Dust, Spot and Scratch Removal

Every photographer wants to take the photo without any flaws in it. But it’s very common to have a flaw in the photos. But it is not impossible to eradicate these flaws from the image. keep that in mind dust, spot and scratch removal is a common type of retouch up services. The image of a human or model may have a spot in the face. However, sometimes there is dust in the electronic gadget which is glossy in look. On the other hand, some products gain scratch from the shipment by the factory or other reasons.

So, no matter what is the reason behind all of these can be removed with the retouching technique. Next time you face these problems contact with expert retouchers to solve the problems.

Dust, Spot and Scratch Removal Before Dust, Spot and Scratch Removal After
Wrinkles on Clothing Retouching Before Wrinkles on Clothing Retouching After

Wrinkles on Clothing Retouching

When there is a wrinkle in the cloth people will distract or ignore the photo. because a picture look depends on also the outfit of the persons. Whenever you take the photo you may have not only to wrinkle in the cloth also in the bag, shoes, etc.

However, what type of photography you do aware of the wrinkle in the image. people may run the business company or fashion house or magazine, newspaper or event management, they have to hire professional photographers to do the photoshoot. In the time of retouching, they need professional retouch up an expert to finish the image retouching with maximum quality.  This is how wrinkle removal important in the above industry.

Camera Reflection removal

Reflection removal is a very common problem in the photography world. But it is quite challenging to remove the reflection from the image. however, if anyone facing the reflection problem there are various types of it. glass glare reflection, window reflection, mirror reflection, camera flashlight reflection, etc.

Whatever the reflection is many people do not know how to solve it. because it cannot be solved in the time of photography. Only Photoshop Retouchers can remove these reflections from the photo with Photoshop. So, hire the professional retouch up an expert to remove the camera reflection.

Camera Reflection removal Before Camera Reflection removal After
Shadow Retouching Service Before Shadow Retouching Service After

Shadow Retouching Service:

In a photo, a shadow can create a positive effect. Shadows transport the original look of the image. When retailers and businessman try to catch the potential client with their product shadow of an image make the photo attractive. In fashion photography or magazine shadow retouching used often. On the other hand, the retouching technique is used to bring back the shadow so that the picture would be more vivid. Without a shadow, the retouching photo is not complete.

Moreover, photos could not attract the consumer of the product through photos. Besides, Photoshop tools used for the shadow retouching technique and choose the skilled retouch up from GEI.

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry photos should be clear and crystal with a nice look. When a photographer takes the jewelry photos, he may accidentally take the flaws with the photos. Some parts of these products may have spots, scratches, and blemishes.

Hence, flaws in the jewelry will make the photo unattractive. Likewise, Color correction, contrast adjustment, removing scratches, dust with retaining the photo quality.

However, diamond, gold, silver jewelry needs expert retouch up for these services. So, products which include the jewelry retouch up are rings, nose pin, necklaces, anklets, hatpins, bracelets, watches, toe rings, lockets, piercing jewelry needs above image retouching services.

Jewelry Retouching Service Before Jewelry Retouching Service After
Image Object Remove Befor Image Object Remove After

Image Object Remove:

Object removal service forms the image is a similar type of background removal technique. This technique mostly used in the commercial world. However, photoshop pen tools are used by the graphics editors to remove the unwanted object. So, this service is given to focus on the subject of the image and highlight the key object further.

A wedding, graduation, commercial event, workshop, fashion magazine, etc. sectors photographer captures many photos. In this type of area sometimes many undesirable products come to the image. Finally, this object of the image can be removed with further retouch up service and editing.

 Photography Retouching Service

Every Photography editing image is inevitable. Because the Photo Retouching technique used to present photography in the best possible way. People may notice the flaws in the photos, as well as the photographer, who may not get the desired result with these types of faults. Well, with the help of retouching every photo will be presentable to the client or customer of the photographer.

Hence, retouch up techniques used all kinds of photography whether it is a wedding, e-commerce, fashion house, graduation, birthday, events. So, whatever the photography is retouching is used in the time of editing the photos.

Our Photo Touch up Service Sectors

The first impression is the most important. Don’t let imperfect images spoil things for you. By, utilizing our professional photo touch up service, you can ensure that you put your best foot forward.

Use specialized photo editing service for photographs in your presentations, advertising, e-commerce, and personal exhibitions.  Similarly, by making sure your pictures are the best like our other services photo masking, background removes color adjustment, clipping pathimage manipulation, raster to vector, create shadow, you’ll be sure to draw in more business and positive interest.

Professional Photographers

Image retouching is a very common service for photographers. Whoever runs any business of photography like wedding, portrait, fashion, real estate requires a photo to retouch up from professional retouchers. Above all, we always possess a great alliance and harmony with our clients.

e-commerce or Online Stores

e-commerce owners who run business in the online platform should have stunning images to attract customers. Moreover, the e-commerce industry is a huge sector. In the digital business platform, the quality of image matters. Garments, jewelry, furniture, kitchenware, toys, etc. products photo retouch up necessary.


Websites of a company or business organization need a huge image. To reorganize the website with the image it depends upon the category of the website. Now every there is the various category of the website such as different businesses as well as a multinational company. Also, the photographer also creates a website to present the portfolio. Therefore, to present the website to the mass people’s high retouching image is mandatory.


Every magazine industry print group of photos. These pictures have to be top quality when going for publishing. So, when the photographer sends their images in the magazine, they need to retouch the photos. Besides, there is the various category of magazine lifestyle, fashion, science, food, cooking, entertainment magazine. Therefore, professional retouch up services needed for every magazine photo.

Brochure/ Catalogs

Catalog retouching is another sector of retouching. But this sector is not differing from the magazine sectors. When any business has a better brochure or catalog with high editing services. Brochure retouch up includes the product color correction, dust removal of the cloth, glamour retouch up of model as well as skin retouch, blemish removal. Adding a logo and label of the product.

Printing Sectors

Print media is a strong media and influential also. Every media can control the mind of people with eye washing marketing. Above all, this media covers the vast area of people and competence to entice mass people. So, in this sector, the image must be maintaining the best quality which can be done by the professional retouching services.

Why Should You Choose GEI Retouching Service?

Quality is our core concern when retouching up teamwork. Our expert image touch up team is dedicated to working for your service. Plus, dedicated to retaining the quality of the photo.

When you are a shortage of time in editing Graphics Expert India will assist to meet the harshest deadline. First of all, we give the fastest service in retouching with quick feedback. Also, an expert and experienced team help to finish the project.

Don’t think about the price because in GEI give the retouching services at the most affordable price in the market. If any customer has a thousand batches of the photo or the more should not concern about the budget. Customers will get our retouch up services with the cheapest price with up to 50% discount on bulk order.

Edit and Enhance

Our expert’s graphic editor is careful to holistically analyze each image and carefully address your photograph as a whole. Unlike some services that leave your image feeling fake and inorganic. we’re sure to preserve the feel of your photo and keep things cohesive.

We start by lighting, contrast, and color fixes before moving on to address any number of individual issues. Moreover, smooth wrinkles, vanish pimples and blemishes, eliminate redness and help the skin tone of your subjects. But, that’s just the beginning! Our advanced techniques can help enhance and bring out your best features applying digital makeup, reshape body parts and hair of your photograph

Bring Your Image to The Next Level

Our professional graphic editor can handle images of any size and format. To get the best results, however, we prefer to work with high resolution, uncompressed images. Usually, the more times your image has been resized or compressed, the more quality it’s lost. However, while we can still make it look good, you’ll never get back the information those lost pixels contained.

Benefits of Choosing us as your photo retouch up partner-

  • Above all, we are the best retouching in the freelance market and most pleasing point is that price for retouching is the lowest, cheap and affordable.
  • Retouch up the photo with an exclusive style and can assist us with the example for your retouch up.
  • All of the photos are retouch up by the self-motivated and skilled retouching experts
  • GEI team maintains 3 step quality control with the expert retouch up before delivering the final order.
  • Moreover, can change the editing if retouch up failed to meet your expectations.
  • Additionally, maintain the privacy of the clients’ image and never use their image without permission.
  • Graphics Expert India an online retouch up service provider where the client can place the order 24×7.

Photo Retouching Services Price

Graphic Experts India always ready to provide the premium quality Photoshop retouchup services at the cheapest rate. Hence, the pricing depends on the quantity and complexity of the work. Furthermore, we always believe in quality and never compromise it.

The prices of the photo retouch up price list start from the $1.79 to more based on the photo complexity. Still, the cost may increase depending on your demand. However, when you order the bulk of the image, you will get a discount on the overall price which is equivalent to cheap, affordable freelance retouching rates.

How Our Online Photo Retouching Service Works

  • First request a quote for images that you need to retouch up
  • Then, receive the email of the quote within 30 minutes.
  • Ensure us to start the retouching job.
  • Get the job done within 6-24 hours.
  • As a result, make your business grown with retouch up photos and attract your customers with photos.

Which Photos are Eligible for Retouching Jobs?

Our retouching jobs are oriented to remove any imperfection from your images. And, you can send us any type of images to improve. Whether it JPEG, PSD, CR2, low res or high res, it doesn’t matter. People who have the garments industry, jewelry company, fashion house, footwear, toys, cosmetics, watches, and other business industry needs lots of photos to promote their marketing. Therefore, all these types of photos are requiring to retouchup jobs.

Most importantly, image resolution influences quality.  Most often, a low res photograph is not considered as the standard. However, our Photoshop experts are skillful to get the best outcome in any condition.

Try the best photo retouching

Our graphic editor specializes in working with both mundane and unorthodox images. Whether your picture is a simple portrait or an elaborate advertising shoot, we’ll be sure to give it the attention it needs to bring out every last detail and make it perfect. Want to see the quality of our work? We’re so confident in our results that we’ll do your first two photo touch up services by our top-rated graphic editor for free!

Don’t wait. Contact us to get started on your professional photo editing project today! Try us now

Corona (Covid 19) strike has no impact on our regular photoshop services. We are operating from a safe place and providing 24/7 full production. So, you can submit your order anytime.