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Usually, an image mask means covering up something with a layer. In the photo editing profession, masking means selecting a portion of pictures with the help of photoshop or other editing software for further work.

Photoshop image masking service is a process to isolate subjects of pictures without losing a single pixel. Photo masking is a must to grab the edges of a subject like hair, dolls, or fabrics. Only subjects with complex and soft edges need masking to get proper editing.

Nowadays, no technique is as effective as this to bring perfection in photos. The main reason is that it doesn’t cause any trouble to the raw images during ongoing editing. Only necessary portions can select through this method.

Our Image Masking Service in Photoshop

Graphics Experts India performs Photoshop masking with accuracy and excellence. Our photo editing team is the best for their dedication to their jobs. And, they earn fame for delivering perfect content before the deadline.

The editors have a vast knowledge of using image masking on Adobe Photoshop. Besides, we use advanced photo editing knowledge in several sectors. Apart, expert editors are determined to deliver their best every time they work.

Bringing perfection and a realistic look in a photo is the main motive of masking in Photoshop. Editors do everything required to take pictures worthy enough for specific purposes. Advanced image masking service reveals the specific parts of pictures. GEI transforms regular photographs into eligible content.

Besides, the working process of GEI always pleases clients through Photoshop services. First, every picture masks to represent what the client wants to deliver to viewers. Then, the retouching process through the mask for subjects’ change.

Our expert editors divide this technique into two parts. Each of them contains several types. Rather, editors perform masking photos to handle different customers without compromising. Sometimes, a group of photographs gets edited with Photoshop to get the best result.

Image Masking Service
Masking Services

Different Types of Photo Masking

This service has a few categories depending on the difficulty, complexity, and requirement of images. But, mainly, this service contains seven different types according to our experts, which describes below.

Photoshop Layer Masking

Photoshop Layer Masking beforePhotoshop Layer Masking after

Photoshop Layer masking is vastly used amongst modern photo editing companies. This method can use for the most common purposes. Moreover, this process is used a lot to make an image eligible for business, fashion, or personal uses. The main perspective is to adjust the ratio of revealing or blurring one or several portions of an image.

Through this service, subjects’ opacity can maintain and adjust according to the background. Furthermore, subjects with transparency can add, edit, or replace with the help of layer masking.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha Channel Masking beforeAlpha Channel Masking after

The method is the combination of image masking and clipping path. This method is proper when photographs contain mostly backgrounds with a single color. In this type of masking, subjects of photographs get separation through background removal. Moreover, the separated subjects are known as the alpha channel. Alpha channels are saved separately to be edited anytime for any use.

The alpha channels are lighter than the raw files. They are capable of being uploaded, downloaded, or edited with ease. Through alpha channel masking, image retouching services become easy.

Hair and Flesh Masking

Hair and Flesh Masking beforeHair and Flesh Masking after

The clipping path is sometimes unable to catch soft edges. Therefore, a Hair and flesh mask becomes a must to separate the subject from the background for further editing. In such cases, the advanced masking technique catches every soft edge of the subject. After that, contrast, background, exposure can be changed through Photoshop.

Images of dolls, models, clothes, animals, birds can be edited through the hair masking. Even human body postures have complex curves with muscles’ thin linings. So, they can get a good post-edit look by using hair and flesh masking.

Object Masking

Object Masking beforeObject Masking after

This type of masking is used mainly in background removal services. The technique removes any unwanted objects. However, in wildlife photography or other photoshoots, every click cannot be perfect. Moreover, subjects cannot be in focus all the time.

So, images can gain perfection by removing unnecessary objects and backgrounds.

In this method, subjects gain the main focus and get polished well. Real estate agencies, e-commerce trade holders, and other similar communities require image editing.

Refine Edges Image Masking

Refine Edges Image Masking beforeRefine Edges Image Masking after

Such a technique becomes mandatory when an image needs a more realistic look than before. For example, a picture subject can get soft edges through refined edge masking. Thus, that will prove the picture to be natural and precise. By performing this process, color correction, and other processes, subjects’ edges will soften. Edges will also match the background without any compromise. This type of photoshop editing is used on subjects like dolls, trees, grasses, human bodies, etc.

The primary purpose of doing such a process is to make photographs catchy and deliver the reason behind the click.

Color Masking

Color Masking beforeColor Masking after

The color masking technique is used to make sure hollow lines don’t cause any trouble in the image. In addition, this service is used for post-color correction processes. Pixels of photographs are the main element of such editing. The method uses pixels to colorize a specific part of the photo through photoshop. After it is done, contrast and exposure can be changed or fixed to bring perfection to the clicks.

Companies like fashion houses, small business agencies, and presses, need color masking. It helps to avoid any blunder in pictures.

Collage Image Masking

Collage Image Masking beforeCollage Image Masking after

Collage masking produces new images from old raw photos. With the help of this method, subjects from different images are captured. Moreover, put in a different background for many purposes. Editors can pick different subjects from several photos to replace subjects of an image when needed. After copying the subjects, highlighting and other correction tools can help focus on new subjects of an image.

Editors also need to match color density, size, contrast, and other issues. It gives new images realistic looks for further in anyplace.

Transparent Object Masking

Transparent Object Masking beforeTransparent Object Masking after

Some images contain transparent or translucent subjects from which backgrounds can be slightly or fully seen. In such cases, subjects need to maintain the actual opacity in the new background to have a realistic look. Transparent image masking is applicable to ensure the background is visible through the subject. To change the background in such cases, editors make sure light can easily pass through the subjects. However, the contrast of the subject remains the same.

Things like thin fabric, glass, water, optics need this masking in photoshop for background removal service.

Clipping Mask

A clipping mask is a combination of two layers to maintain the opacity of the top layer by a clipping mask. The bottom layer can affect the top one and adjust with the background to look natural and cozy.

Besides, the supporting bottom layers help the top layers adjust with the background and surroundings. Necessary effects apply while adjusting subjects in the image. Sometimes, opacity and transparency need to change for highlighting. Through the clipping mask, the focus can fix. Clipping mask becomes essential while collaging several subjects onto the same background.

For Whom and Why, Image Masking Service is Required

Not only one individual type of person requires the photomask service. Several kinds of clients contact Graphics Expert India to seek masking photos. The purpose also varies in different sectors. Background fixing, enhancement, color correction, subject highlighting, and many others are reasons behind clients contacting us to perform this technique.

In the twenty-first century, people give most of the priority to excellence in any matter. However, it is not obvious that every click from the camera can deliver what requires most. Sometimes, a little bit of editing or fixing can make images quite eligible for a business or magazine.

Here are short descriptions that tell who and why needs this Photoshop technique to fix the blunders in photos.

Reasons Why is Photoshop Masking

The reasons why a person or company wants us to provide this Photoshop service. Actually, the reason to get the photographs prepared for their business or personal usages. However, People uses photo masking methods mainly for –

  • When subjects contain complex edges, we use this photo editing technique to grab them. Besides, it is preferable to isolate critical structures like trees, nets, animals, etc.
  • Many pictures contain subjects with almost the same color pattern as the background. This method requires doing the opposite of it. Hence, it is also is necessary to adjust the new subject or background in the picture.
  • Often, subjects contain simple structures but have transparency. Because of this, the process has been done along with the clipping path. Here, it brings perfection as masking can keep the opacity ratio well.
  • Landscape photographs might need some retouching. These photos need to perform this editing technique to fix color, light, or knockouts any part.
  • Even when photo masking is not necessary. We do this technique to keep the isolated parts stored in separate files for further use.
  • To please clients, some pictures need editing to get transparency. In such situations, editors use mandatory techniques on specific layers to bring clarity.
  • To have a natural look, an image may need to have shadows of subjects at an exact shape and size. Besides, the layer mask can help bring shadows at the desired opacity and angle.

Difference between Image Masking and Clipping Path

Both techniques aid in catching specific portions of photographs to knock out the background or editing subjects. But these techniques apply to different types of images.

The clipping path only grabs the edges of subjects to differentiate them from the raw files. On the other hand, masking covers the whole subject to edit or remove. Sometimes, the mask can catch a layer of a photo too.

The main difference between the clipping path and masking is based on the edges of subjects. A clipping path can provide its best when the photo has simple and complex edges. Cars, mobile phones, furniture, buildings are examples.

But subjects with soft and critical edges capture through this method. Subjects like human muscle and hair, animals, etc., need this method. Sometimes, a photograph can require both clipping path and image masking for editing results.

Who Needs Masking Services

Every day, many clients contact GEI to get photo fixing services. People from different professions with different reasons seek image masking services. Our editors perform it on photos of several types of clients regularly. Here is a brief on people or companies that accept our services.

Image Masking Service for Professional Photographers

Photographers who click photos of weddings, social events, festivals, landscape views, etc., might have to get their clicks edited. Sometimes, unwanted objects or lack of focus or lighting can make an image unacceptable despite capturing well. However, we also provide various photo editing services for wedding photographers

With the help of photo masking, any portion of images can be masked for erasing or fixing.

Making service for wedding photographers beforeMasking service for wedding photographers after

E-Commerce Business Holders

Recently, famous online platforms have given sellers criteria for uploading product images. Therefore, we mask the product and replace the background with a white one for such cases. 

Besides, photo masking helps the product image. It helps to preserve every detail while editing eCommerce product images properly, focusing on a white background.

Masking for E-Commerce Business Holders beforeMasking for E-Commerce Business Holders after

Jewelry Companies

Retouching jewelry images is one of the tasks that we face daily. Even the smaller ornaments contain complex designs. Additionally, this technique helps fix such photos and brings more focus, clarity, and glaze.

Masking for Jewelry Companies beforeMasking for Jewelry Companies after

Image Masking Service for Fashion Houses

Image masking is used in fashion houses. Images of models or fabrics need some editing to enhance their beauty. Moreover, our expert editor can help to edit soft edge images like muscle linings, hair, and cotton, etc.

Masking services for Fashion Houses beforeMasking services for Fashion Houses after

Toy Shop Owners

To advertise toys through posters and online, images need to have a catchy look to attract kids. To get a catchy photo, it needs to fix the thin edges of toys, like dolls. Besides, our Photoshop Services fix any issue to match with the frame.

Masking Services for Toy Shop Owners beforeMasking Services for Toy Shop Owners

When Masking Pictures are Necessary

Photoshop image masking relates to image background removal a lot. Apart from background removal, an individual can enjoy this editing in various ways. This method is one of the best photo retouchings for different purposes.

Our team removes the background of an image, they use clipping path/ masking, or both. This technology is applicable only when the subject contains soft and complex edges. Moreover, for perfect cut out from images, this technique is appropriate. Despite giving total effort, some clicks might need fixing for a natural look. Thus, the masking process needs to use to fix the contrast or exposure of a specific part of an image.

Besides, It can give soft or fixed edges to an image. Moreover, we use them in different photos to make them catchy and eligible for a purpose. Apart from these reasons, editors don’t use photoshop masks in a significant way. But, the clipping path or other tools can help edit images in extra facts

When Image Masking Service is not Necessary

Often, we don’t need this technique to edit images. For example, if images contain sharp edges, the clipping path becomes more eligible. With the help of the clipping path, such subjects can isolate. Yet, some images have subjects with the same color pattern as their background. Even in this case, we don’t prefer a photo masking service.

Now, masking pictures is only used when an image has lots of complexity and transparency. Apart from such situations, other methods are necessary for editing or retouching services.

GEI will provide friendly and professional Photoshop masking work. We cater to your needs and ensure that you will impress with our background removal. Here, we ensure that we meet your standards Photoshop mask and give you a satisfying result. We will use a creative approach to mask and edit your image to have the photo you want!

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