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Don’t miss the opportunity to polish your e-commerce product photos to make them pixel-perfect. You can create trust with a clear, consistent, and vibrant visual presentation of the products. Professional image editing will create a lasting impression on your audience and they’ll make purchase decisions with confidence.

product photo editing service

Exquisite product photo editing service for unmatched precision

Sales on the e-commerce platforms are highly dependent on the quality of product photos. A reliable photo editing service will save you cost and time on your marketing effort. If you want to get an edge over your competitors in the crowded market, here’s how this service can help you win the race:

Maintaining consistency across the platforms.
Saving time and money on photo editing.
Increasing conversion rate and sales.
Enhanced visual presentation of the products.
Increasing trust and customer engagement.

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Price is never a hurdle to get started with us. We offer the best price for the quality to ensure the best value for money in the industry. 

Our pricing for e-commerce photo editing starts from as low as 29 cents. You can enjoy special discounts for volume and long-term projects. Check our pricing for photo editing services for details.

Why outsourcing e-commerce photo editing is important?

If you are an e-commerce seller selling your product on different platforms you must need a reliable product photo editing service for several reasons. Here are a few of them which are important for business growth.

Working with Industry Expert

An expert e-commerce photo editing company like ours has an expert team of photo editors who have years of experience. Hiring such companies will give you access to Industry experts which is only sometimes possible with an in-house team.

Money and time-saving solution

A Reputable photo editing company works on thousands of images for clients each day. Due to the economy of scale, they can provide better prices which is not often possible for a small in-house team. Thus, a reputed eCommerce photo editing service will save you costs on image editing and increase your profitability.

Maintaining the quality standards

WE-commerce companies may have their own set of image editing standards and branding guidelines. Maintaining these guidelines is vital for establishing a consistent brand image to the viewers throughout all marketing channels. An experienced photo editing company knows the client’s needs in terms of quality and branding standards and maintains them perfectly.

Getting busy with the core job

E-commerce businesses deal with customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and delivery partners on a 24/7 basis. Photo editing is not their core competency. Hiring a reliable product photo editing company takes the burden off the shoulders and the businesses can concentrate on their core job.

Industry Expertise

E-commerce photo editing services at GEI

GEI offers a wide range of product photo editing services. No matter what type of product you have and whatever your budget is, we can ensure the best photo editing service for you at the best price.

Background removal from product photo

Background removal from product photo

Remove unnecessary clutter from the background of the product image. We will help you highlight the product and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Our background removal service includes but is not limited to:

Removal of unwanted clutters from the image.
Creating transparent backgrounds.
Background replacement service.
Background manipulation and merging.
Pure write or gray background creation.

Clipping path service

We provide hand-drawn clipping path service for e-commerce products to ensure the precise quality of edited images. From simple object separation to complex image composition, we can ensure pixel-perfect clipping paths with a wide range of features.

Manually drawn clipping paths.
Precise outline around the edges.
Details of the images are preserved.
Complex selection with intricate details.
Multi-clipping path and color paths.
Clipping path service
Shadow creation for e-commerce product

Shadow creation for e-commerce product

Adding shadows to product photos is a popular e-commerce photo editing service where the image editors create shadows to add context and depth. We apply our experience and design sense to create suitable shadows depending on the product size, shape, and texture to make it real and eye-catching.

Natural, reflection, or drop shadow creation.
Contextualization and adding depth.
Uniform shadow as per style and lighting.
Softening subject edges and opacity adjustment.
Color, brightness, and contrast adjustment.

Color correction & change service

We will change the color of the product to create uniform multiple variant options for a single item. Additionally, our color adjustment service will make sure that the product looks consistent across all the platforms maintaining the brand identity.

Maintaining 100% color accuracy.
Representation of the original subject.
Color consistency across the platforms.
Color balance, saturation & contrast adjustment.
Creating multiple color options.
Color correction & change service
High-end product photo retouching service

High-end product photo retouching service

Our expert product photo retouchers enhance the overall appearance of the product to make it attractive to potential buyers. We apply advanced image editing tools to retouch high-end and sophisticated products to engage more customers and increase the conversion rate.

Elimination of distraction and imperfections.
Product highlighting by focusing on key features.
Enhancing the overall appearance of the product.
Sharpness, color accuracy, and clarity adjustments.
Maintaining visual standards.
Why choose our ecommerce photo  editing services

Why choose Us?

GEI has been one of the leaders in e-commerce image editing for the last 10 years. We have a rich client base including top ecommerce in the world. Apart from the quality, reliability, expertise, and price, we can offer a lot more which are enough reasons for our clients to choose us as their photo editing partner.

Comprehensive service provide
All services under a single umbrella
Service-based expert image editors
Uncompromised quality and turnaround time
Easy and transparent communication
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What is e-commerce photo editing all about?
E-commerce image editing is the process of editing and manipulating product photos to create attractive visuals for online shoppers. It has a clear objective of generating appealing product images to give potential buyers a clear and genuine idea about the product so that they can make an informed buying decision.
Why product photo editing is important?
Product photo editing is important for enhancing the visual appeal of e-commerce product images. The success of online business is highly dependent on the quality of the visuals. Product photo editing is the process where the image editors increase the aesthetics of the product pictures to draw the attention of potential buyers.
Who need this service?
E-commerce owners, online retailers, brands, and manufacturers requiring visuals for marketing materials such as catalogs and advertisements, marketing agencies, and photographers need e-commerce photo editing services to enhance the visual appeal of the product photos.
What types of products need this service?
Product photos of almost all ranges require e-commerce photo editing services before the final presentation. Apparel and fashion products, electronics, beauty and cosmetic products, home and kitchen appliances, food and beverage, home decor items, toys, gift items, and automotive parts are some of the major industries that are highly dependent on this service.
What are the different e-commerce photo editing services you provide?
We provide all kinds of e-commerce photo editing and retouching services including clipping path, background removal, shadow creation, color change and correction, high-end retouching, complex photo manipulation and composition, and ghost mannequin service.
Can you handle bulk orders?
Sure, we have a large team of expert product photo editors who are working 24×7 to maintain the quality and project deadline. We can deliver X high-quality product photos each day maintaining the standards of our clients.
What if I’m not satisfied?
99% of our delivered works are accepted without any revisions. However, if you need any minor or major revisions, we’ll do that for you to meet your expectations.
Which tool do you use for e-commerce photo editing?
We use advanced Photoshop tools to create enticing visuals for your products. Our expert image editors use different brush tools, pen tools, layer masks, color adjustment tools, and various filters to achieve the desired results.
What’s your turnaround time for a project?
Our average turnaround time for e-commerce photo editing is 24 hours. However, the delivery time is dependent on the project type, complexity, and volume.

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Begin your e-commerce photo editing journey with with with a risk-free Free Trial. Our editors will take a few hours to transform your images into stunning visuals. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our quality and start a long journey with us. start a long journey with us.

Start Product Photo Editing With A Free Trial

Begin your e-commerce photo editing journey with with with a risk-free free trial. Our editors will take a few hours to transform your images into stunning visuals. We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our quality and start a long journey with us. start a long journey with us.

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