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Photoshop services refer to the image manipulation process in Photoshop. Graphic Experts India offers world-class Photoshop services for photographers, photo studios, and graphic design agencies. Whether you're based in the USA, UK, EU, AU, NZ, or anywhere else, our offshore editing team utilizes the magic of Photoshop to transform your images.

We empower businesses with exceptional image editing and manipulation expertise. Whether you need seamless background removal, high-end retouching, precise color correction, or complex image manipulations, we have the skills and experience to exceed your expectations.

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Professional Photoshop Services at Graphic Experts India

Graphic Experts India is a photo editing and retouching company. We help individuals photographer and photo studios with our photo manipulation, editing, and retouching services. We always honor your file security, on-time delivery, and budget-friendly cost. Besides, our discount offer on bulk photo editing always amazes you.

Photoshop Services

Take us as a standby partner as your day-to-day online Photoshop editing service provider. Upholding image quality is our top priority.

We understand that your business depends on quality and creative photos. Like our 1000+ satisfied clients, you also be happy with our edited photos.

We offer 24/7 customer support. Whether it’s a holiday or Christmas, you can contact us with any queries or concerns, including great services outline, file transfer, pricing, and more.

Simply email us at, and we’ll respond within 10 minutes.

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World-class Photoshop Services From Our Experts

Our Photoshop experts are ready to provide high-quality photo editing at your demand. Whether you need photo background editing, image retouching, photo manipulation, or any Photoshop Services. our experts have the skills and expertise to meet all your requirements. 

Here are the professional photo editing services to fulfill your requirements.

Image Background Removal

Image Background Removal

Image background removal services are one of the most popular Photoshop image editing services. This allows us to edit or remove the background of photos.

Graphics Expert India offers Photoshop background editing for products, portraits, or any images. Additionally, it can remove objects and clean up specific areas.

Clipping Path

A clipping path is a vector system of photo editing that traces an outline. Then, erasing the other untraced portions or changing the background.

Besides, removing background, objects, or any of our clipping path services is top of the line. We draw manual paths using the pen tool for a perfect selection for the best editing needs. Moreover, we provide popular services at a low price.

Clipping Path

Image Masking Service

Image Masking Service

Image masking service is a non-destructive process and one of the best Photoshop services. It comes in handy when the pen tool is unproductive.

Our photo editors are highly trained for proficient image masking services, such as images with soft ages like fur and muslin, transparent objects like glass bottles, and complicated things like hair or tree.

Ghost Mannequin Effects

Ghost mannequin effects are valuable for the apparel industry. It is designed to remove the dummy to help with clothing photography. First, photographers take 02 shots of a garment, one wearing a mannequin or doll.

And another neck part of the garments shows the primary and size label. Then, our retouchers remove the dummy and composite 02 images into a single image.

Ghost Mannequin Effects Image

Shadow Effect Creation

Shadow Effect Creation

Shadows are a natural part of an object. It helps to achieve the perfect placement and three-dimensional look on an object.

For eCommerce product images, creating shadows adds benefits and increases sales. We are also experienced in creating natural, drop, or cast shadow effects to different dimensions.

High-end Photo Retouching Service

Online Photo retouching is a magical service. It makes your photo perfect. So even a dull image can turn into a masterpiece. Besides, glamour retouching or digital makeover is helpful for portraits or fashion images.

GEI’s Photoshoppers are well-experienced and equipped with the latest tools. They can produce eye-catchy images by removing dust, red eye, wrinkle, blemish, acne, etc.

High End Photo Retouching Services

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry Retouching Services

Jewelry image retouching services help to procedure an eye-catchy jewelry photo to allure customers. Besides, it is one of the most complex tasks. It requires cleaning up dust, zits, scratch, or spots.

Moreover, remove the background, make it white, and create a shadow for its perfection.

E-commerce Product Image Editing Service

It is tough to maintain the environment of Ecommerce product photography. Product photo editing included background removing, making it white, and adding shadows. Fix low light, and clean up dust, scratch, or fingerprint.

As well as crop and resize the product photos. For perfect representation on the web store, we fix alignment, crop, resize and strengthen it.

eCommerce Image Edit

Wedding Photo Editing Services

Wedding Photo Editing Services

Shooting events photos is always like a hard nut to crack. Your images may smash for unexpected light, people, contrast objects, or shadow. That may damage the bride or groom’s skin, jewelry, dress, image background, or foreground.

Don’t worry. Our wedding photo editing services are here to fix the photos.

Fashion Photo Retouching

High-end fashion photo retouching contributes greatly to the glamour & Fashion photo industries. Some magical touch of our skilled Photoshop artists makes your images gorgeous.

That saves you time, energy, and money. Thus, Fix any imperfections, clean up dust, wrinkle, or blemishes, and add or remove unnecessary parts. Fix skin tone, stray hair, red eye, lips, and whitening teeth.

Fashion Photo Editing

Portrait Photo Editing Service

Portrait photoshop services

Portrait image editing enhances the attractiveness of a model. Modern cameras collect every flaw, skin defect, and imperfection in detail. Portrait photo retouching helps to achieve natural beauty and catchy looks.

However, portrait editing uses Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom for image retouching. This portrait retouching for professional photographers’ includes skin retouching, makeup, and body retouching and reshaping.

Color Correction

Color correction or grading involves advanced Photo retouching techniques. This image manipulation service is the process of blooming the actual color in a photo.

So, It aims to maintain the balance of a picture even after extensive modification. We at GEI focus on the light setups on the photograph to deliver a perfect image.

Photoshop Color Correction Image

Photo Restoration Service

Photo Restoration Image

Image Restoration services repair damaged images to bring back old memories. Thus, photograph or scan a copy of the damaged picture and send the soft copy to us.

Our professional retoucher will take care of it and fix the low contrast, light, or exposure. Remove, replace, or re-make background or foreground.

Real Estate Image Editing

Real estate photo editing helps get the building, architectural, or interior images. Our graphic designers know each of the facts to make an image of a house or construction look friendly and precise.

We endure enough time to fix the contrast and angle of pictures so that they reach your satisfactory level.

Real Estate Image Retouching

Vector Logo Design

Vector Logo Design Sample


What is Photoshop Service?

Photoshop Service is oriented to editing or enriching the image beauty with the help of many kinds of Photoshop tools. This can be a pixel-perfect selection to remove backgrounds, photo Retouching, cropping, resizing, or anything.

What are the Benefits of Online Image Editing Services?

Outsourcing at GEI is more beneficial as it’s professional, first, and cost-effective than hiring professionals from your locality. Online editing gives professional photographers complete creative control over their work. Additionally, online editing is fast and also cost-effective, providing professional results at a fraction of the cost.
Moreover, you can choose us as your reliable Photoshopper or offshoring firm for the faster and quality services we provide. “Submit the order in the evening, we work overnight and send completed images back in the very morning.”

How is a free trial/quote request at no risk?

Our free trial and quote requests allow you to check our quality of work and get pricing ideas. We will never charge for them. Your provided information and sample images will be secured. Thus you have nothing to lose here.

What is your ETA?

Our average turnaround time is 02 to 24 hours. It depends on the image’s quantity and complexity. We always try our best to deliver our images within 12 hours.

What will happen if your work is not satisfactory?

If you are not satisfied with our work, please request a revision. Make us clear with more Instructions on the issues. That will help our experts better understand your need to fix the problem. You will get unlimited revisions and still satisfaction.

What Is Your Payment System?

We accept payment via PayPal. You can also pay by Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer / Cheque Sending.

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