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Why Graphic Experts India?

Securing quality and work standards, strict adherence to deadlines, the best value for money, and a highly experienced image editing team are some of the features that have enabled us to build a rich client base, including top brands in the world.

  • Clipping Path
  • Photo Background Removal
  • Photoshop Photo Retouching
  • Photoshop Photo Editing
  • Quicker Turnaround

    We offer next-day delivery without sacrificing the quality. We understand the importance of maintaining project deadlines and always meet them.

  • Quality First Culture

    Our unbeatable quality and commitment to delivering superior quality guarantees the expectations of our clients.

  • Wide Range of Services

    We offer a wide range of Photoshop services from basic retouching to complex image composition to become the one-point solution for our clients.

  • Best value for Money

    Our prices are one of the best in the market, which ensures photo editing services for businesses of all sizes.

We collaborate with 10000+ Ecommerce and Photography Business

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Tell a story with Professional Photoshop Services

In today’s visually-driven world, the importance of stunning imagery cannot be ignored. Every image has its purpose that needs to be flourished with reliable Photoshop services. From background removal to photo retouching, our experienced image editors will work on every pixel of the visual. Show off your brand, and stand out from the crowded competition with our Photoshop solutions. 

Photoshop Services at GEI

GEI is a one-stop solution for any photo editing services you need. We’re helping brands with comprehensive Photoshop services.

Clipping path
Clipping Path Services

Our clipping path service seamlessly integrates with Photoshop, ensuring precise and professional image editing for flawless results.

Image Masking
Image Masking

GEI utilizes advanced Photoshop techniques for advanced image masking. To achieve the best results, we’ll manipulate Photoshop layers and channels and ensure seamless integration for the image composition.

Background removal
Background removal

Background removal is a key service at GEI where the image editors apply the appropriate technique to remove distracting background from the image. We’ll also remove unwanted objects from the image and add an appropriate background as per the client’s request.

Ghost mannequin service
Ghost mannequin service

We have expert image editors for high-quality ghost mannequin services for RMG products. Invisible mannequin, neck joint, bottom joint, and 3D ghost mannequin are some of the services that we frequently provide to our clients to highlight the size and fitness of the fashion item.

Photo retouching
Photo retouching

We have high-end image retouchers for jewelry, skin, product photos, fashion and apparel, and any type of retouching services. A few of the retouching services we provide are portrait retouching, e-commerce product retouching, and jewelry retouching service.

Color Correcting
Color Correcting

We will correct the color of your images or change the color with advanced Photoshop tools. Image editors will alter hues and tones with perfection to ensure vibrant and attractive visuals for the clients.

Shadow Creation
Shadow Creation Services

We create natural shadows utilizing the latest photo editing techniques. Our expert graphic designers will create drop shadows, reflection shadows, or cast shadows depending on the subject.

Image Restoration
Image Restoration

Image repair and restoration is one of our core competencies where we utilize Photoshop to manipulate the image to repair the damage. No matter how aged the photograph is, we will revive your cherished memories with our precise image restoration service.

Who needs Photoshop services?

Photoshop is the ultimate solution to polish visuals of all ranges. Therefore, businesses from varying industries rely on this service to enhance brand recognition.

Photoshop Service for Photographers

Photoshop Service for Photographers

Photographers are required to unleash their creativity with precise retouching and photo composition. It helps them correct the imperfections and adjust the color and shadows. At GEI, we understand the workflow and needs of the photographers. With our years of experience working with renowned freelance Photographers around the world, we are confident that we can deliver a quality result to satisfy end customers.

e-commerce Product Photo Editing Partner

Photoshop Services for e-commerce Owners

The success of an e-commerce business largely depends on the quality of the visuals. Retailers need to present the product on the e-commerce platforms in the best possible light. The texture, color, shadow, and all other visual aspects of the items should represent the original product so that the customers can make an informed and accurate decision. We can increase your e-commerce conversion rate by creating stunning photos with advanced Photoshop techniques.

Offshore Photo Editing Company for the Agencies

Photoshop Service for the Agency

Photography agencies manage photographers and negotiate contracts for photography projects. They require bulk Photoshop services while strictly meeting the standards set by the clients. A reputed Photoshop service provider company will apply creativity to get the job done and meet the project deadline. Whether it is product photos for e-commerce, clothing images for fashion, or portrait photography, we are capable of handling the full range of Photoshop services ensuring the expected quality and budget.

Why Utilize Our Photoshop Services?

Photoshop is the most creative solution for preparing killer visual content for marketing campaigns. Businesses across all industries rely on these services for their online and offline advertising materials. Outsource photo retouching, clipping path, color correction, and more in the USA, CA, UK, EU, AU, NZ, or anywhere.

Attractive Branding and Marketing Materials

Photoshop is the most effective solution for creating attractive visuals for branding and marketing. The services enhance the image of the business and make the marketing efforts memorable with eye-catching and stunning graphics.

More User Engagement and Interaction

Creating compelling visual content is the core objective of Photoshop services which end up with more user interaction with the brand. With visual storytelling your products get noticed more effectively, sparks curiosity among the viewers and they explore further about your products.

More Conversion Rate and Sales

Businesses can secure more conversions and sales by utilizing reliable Photoshop services. They can create engaging visual content that resonates with their target audience. Leveraging the limitless customization options of Photoshop, they can tailor content according to the buyers’ persona.

Challenges Without Photoshop Services

Photoshop services ensure attractive graphic content for marketing campaigns. Businesses like e-commerce brands, and advertising agencies can not stand out in the competition without it.

Poor Visual Representation

Without professional Photoshop services, you will end up with poor visual presentation on online and offline platforms. E-commerce retailers, fashion brands, real estate, food and beverage, and travel industries are highly dependent on enticing visuals for marketing campaigns to attract potential customers. Without high-end image editing services, businesses can not present their product and services professionally.

Inconsistent Branding

To create a lasting impression in the customers’ minds, businesses need to establish consistent branding across all platforms. A reputed Photoshop service provider company knows how to utilize the logo, brand color, and other brand guidelines. Without Photoshop services, maintaining brand consistency and adhering to image editing standards are not possible.

Poor Conversion Rate

Without professional Photoshop services, businesses will experience poor conversion rates. Images without photo editing are the reasons for reduced trust. These poor visuals can not effectively engage the viewers. Customers can not properly understand the product they want to buy. Even though your products are of high quality, customers will not ultimately buy them.

Loss of Potential Sales

Without Photoshop services, products can not look natural and customers can not visualize the product in real-life situations. They can not fully understand the design, size, fitness, and other aesthetics of the product. Hence, they can not make the purchase decision because the visuals do not convey all the information the customers need to buy them.

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How it Works?

Our working process is simple – start your journey with us with a free trial, review and approve the quotation, upload the files and we will do the rest.


Free Trial or Quote

Start your journey with us with a free trial or request a quote. You will receive your edited files or the quotation within 24 hours.


Review and Approve Quote

Upon receiving your quote you will review the budget and T&C. If everything is fine, you will give us the approval.


Upload Images

Once the quote is approved you will upload your images to any preferred platform. You will provide instructions or preferences if you have any.


Editing and Delivery

Our team of skilled Photoshop professionals will then start editing your images. We will strictly follow your specifications and deliver the work within the stipulated time.


What are the advantages of using Photoshop for image editing services?
Photoshop is the most comprehensive image editing software which offers a wide range of tools, effects, and filters for graphic designers. It is the most popular image editing tool in the world for image editing, manipulation, and simple and advanced adjustment to the images. Image editors love this software for its user-friendly interface, non-destructive editing process, and availability of all professional features. Thus, Photoshop is the ultimate choice for image editors to serve any kind of photo editing needs of the clients.
What types of Photoshop services does GEI offer?
We provide any type of Photoshop services. Our services include but are not limited to clipping path service, image masking, background removal, ghost mannequin service, photo retouching, color changing, shadow services, and image restoration. We offer basic to advanced Photoshop services based on the client’s needs.
What is your average delivery time?
We usually deliver within 24 hours after order confirmation. However, the turnaround time depends on the complexity of the project and order volume. We will expedite the delivery if there’s an urgency from the client.
Are my images safe with GEI?
Yes, we ensure the utmost privacy of your images. Our platform is secure. Our privacy policy and confidentiality protocols are defined and they are protected at all times.
Can I request revisions to my edited images?
99% of our clients do not need any revisions due to our strict quality management system. However, if you still need any revisions then we can do it for free until you are fully satisfied.
How does the pricing for GEI’s Photoshop services work?
We offer flexible pricing for our valuable clients. The cost of the service depends on the image volume, turnaround time, complexity of the project, and type of service required.
How do I submit images for editing?
We offer multiple uploading platforms to our clients. You may either upload your image to our FTP server or share the file through any other file hosting service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and so on.
Can you handle bulk editing projects?
Yes, we can. We have 150 experienced image editors who can deliver up to 5000 images a day.
Best Photoshop Service Provider

Best Photoshop Service Provider Company

GEI is a renowned Photoshop service provider company leading the industry since 2010. We transform ordinary images into extraordinary masterpieces.

Our expert image editors will utilize the latest Photoshop tools to work on your images to make them look best to your audience.

We’re a trusted name for hundreds of e-commerce, agencies and photographers who believe us for our quality and commitment.

Take a Free Trial Before Hiring Someone to Edit Photos

Hire photo editors by experiencing the best Photoshop services with a risk-free trial. Test our unbeaten quality without any upfront commitment. Your expertly edited work will be returned to you within 24 hours.

Get Free Trial

Take a Free Trial Before Hiring Someone to Edit Photos

Hire photo editors by experiencing the best Photoshop services with a risk-free trial. Test our unbeaten quality without any upfront commitment. Your expertly edited work will be returned to you within 24 hours.

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Real Stories from Real Clients

Great communication, and the work was high quality with a quick turnaround. Also, the results were quite great. I went for the free trial of image clipping services at first and then decided to work- Gosh! I was right. They are indeed the best.

Courtney Conk

Photographer, Solid & Striped

Wow! Their advanced photo editing services are so affordable! My project was quite complicated, and some agencies demanded quite big money. Also, CPS is so professional and fast to work; the edited version is quite impressive.

Wiley Coleman


Got eye-catchy images of good quality I was looking for.

Erick Bryner

Project Manager, Arquette Agency

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Experience the best Photoshop services with a risk-free trial. Test our unbeaten quality without any upfront commitment. Your expertly edited work will be returned to you within 24 hours.

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