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Cut Out Image starts Only At US $ 0.48 Per Images

Graphic Experts India committed to make your product images look amazing what increase your sell more and more.

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Clipping Path Services

Clipping Path and background removing Services Needed? GEI is a company which leads offshore outsourcing as well as graphics design companies in operation including highly skilled photo retoucher. It’s our goal to meet the specific requirements of our customers providing excellent services. Image Manipulation and Composition help us to take care of your needs. In Photoshop clipping path or deep etching our photo retoucher use the pen tool of Adobe Photoshop to make an exact selection of part of your image and go over each edge of your selection by hand, ensuring that our path is pixel perfect to separate the background from an image. Our prompt customer support, low prices and fast turnaround make us the top choice for internet based photo editing. Our top class photo retoucher and unconditional satisfaction guarantee ensures that you'll always be happy with our work.

Do you like to see the quality we provide ? Just make a try and see our quality as we committed to. We offer affordable prices that start from US $0.48 for Photoshop clipping path, background removal, deep etching

We are always ready to serve you by our dedicated customer support team at 24x7, no matter it is holiday or Christmas. Contact us for your required jobs , files transmitting Info, services outline etc.

You can mail us at: [email protected] .We will response it more cordially of course.

Our Product Images Editing Services

Clipping Path

clipping path

Remove traces of imperfection! Our clipping path services are top of the line. We are experts, having perfected the art of image removal and editing without leaving a trace. Clipping path is a vector system of photo editing that traces an outline, and erases the other untraced portions from the picture. Thus presenting a clearer, focused and sharper image. He, we place a great deal on clipping path, because this is the foundation for any successful image editing. This service is specially for website based businesses such as online marketplaces, modelling ventures, design of brochures, flyers, postcards, magazines etc., that require the images to be smooth and plain, devoid of any sort of backgrounds. Contact us today for an instant quote on this service. read more...

eCommerce Photo Editing

free online photo editing

Whether products, fashion items, electronic devices etc., we are experts at photo optimizing for e commerce platforms. Photo editing as the case may be can be described in various ways. It could simply mean removing background, clippingpaths, produce alignment, image cropping, image resizing, image compression, file conversion, retouching, photo masking etc., This is a specialized photo editing service for ecommerce platforms, where in we at graphic experts India will be your one stop shop for all your image and/or graphic needs. This service includes consultations, and a dedicated expert to ensure that all graphics produced will meet your brand expectations, and will be consistent with your style. Consult us today for an instant quote on this service. read more...

Create Shadow

shadow making

Creating shadow for images, product images, logos etc., are important in contributing to the design quality of the finished work. Shadows add a different dimension to images, and the trick is not to use them inefficiently. This is the summary of our creating shadows service, where we work effectively, across a range of possibilities to pick the shadow representation which best fits your work. Different images can be drawn, placed together, and given a 3-D representation using shadows. This service is especially important in the display of products, flat products as it is recommended to boost attraction, and creativity. Other image editing process will be used alongside creating shadows to give the best image possible. Contact us today for an instant quote on this service. more here...

Photo Masking Service

photo masking

Clipping paths are good, but cannot be used for certain images based on complexities. Our experts at graphicexpertsindia have a rich experience and are highly trained and proficient in image masking services. There are several images that are quite complex and have outlines with bends and curvatures. Clipping paths become difficult to apply in such images because of their intricate and uneven outlines. We make use of a variety of Photoshop image masking and image editing techniques, such as transparency masking, translucent image masking etc., to apply image outlines for effective masking on to the images directly. Contact us today for an instant quote on this service. know more...

Raster to Vector

Raster To Vector

This service offering is to convert your raster files into high quality fully scalable vectors for use on banners, vehicle wraps, screen-printing, t-shirts, signage, business cards, and all types of graphic printing. The quality of the image is greatly enhanced, whether it is a sketch, or low resolution image type, the vector process ensures that there are no fades, pixilation and inaccuracies on your drawing, sketch, painting, screenshots etc. we are also committed to helping our clients get through the design phase by giving a detailed consultation and fast turnaround on our vector services. Contact us today for an instant quote on this service. read more...

Color Correction Service

color adjustment

This is a specialized service that aims to maintain the balance of a picture even after extensive modification. We at graphics experts India focus primarily on the light and colour set ups on the photograph to deliver a perfect image. Colour corrections generally keep a set of pictures on the same theme, and are also used to get rid of unwanted colour tones. Our team also focuses on some more subtle details in colour correction such as the dominant parameters, prominent colours, complimentary colours, toning colours and various colour shades. We keep the adjustments simple by monitoring the colour balance as well. Contact us today for a full quote on this service. more here...

Photo Retouching

photo retouching

We’ll work on the supposed ‘not so good’ pictures using brilliant photo retouching techniques. There is a need to firstly explain that retouching is entirely different from manipulation and editing. Photo retouching focuses on the tiniest details of the image, working on the image with various tools and techniques, usually down to the creative talents of our team – graphic experts India. Photo retouching gives a wholesome appeal to the whole image, enhancing its appearance. Some of the techniques involved include analysing, contouring, removing imperfections, smoothing textures, burning etc., Photo retouching simply provides the best image possible based on your existing image by removing distractingelements such as rough hair, acne, oil etc., and as such there is nothing like a terrible picture anymore. Contact us today for a full quote on this service. know more...

Background Remove

background remove

Keep your picture backgrounds suited to the event! This is an essential image editing service used to keep pictures original and plain. This services serves to either remove, change or swap the background of various pictures, move objects, remove background or clean up the areas surrounding specific parts of a picture, cutting out images, setting up transparent backgrounds and much more. The selection and cutting process to start with, can be based on the clipping path service, where in the picture in focus, or other object is highlighted, and moved as appropriate to a different background. With us at graphics expert India, we will provide you an optimized image, with high image resolutions and picture density. We work remotely, precisely, and are extremely reliable. Contact us today for an instant quote on this service. know more...

Image Manipulation Service

image manipulation

The beauty of graphic editing is brought to the fore with this service. This is a concept that describes all processes involved in image editing. The processes of image manipulation include, but not limited to: image cropping, blending, merging, mirrors and flipping, background image rendering etc. there are also the more prominent ones that render effects and filters. This is simply a process that requires ingenuity and a great deal of creativity. This is why we are graphic experts. We specialize in an extensive range of graphic services, all which cumulate into image processing and manipulation. Images can be designed and re-designed according to expertise, and we are non-relenting in providing the best service obtainable. Image manipulation is evolving, and we are riding the waves in providing top notch services to all our clients. Contact us today for an instant quote on this service. more here...

Clipping Path Service

Rigid Schedule?
Give your job to us & Relax

Are you in rush with your Photoshop clipping path, deep etching or photo masking job??? You have enough work load but you want to get rid of this stressful situation. So hand over your total task to us with details like turnaround time so that you can get a real solution of your task within your estimated time.

clipping path

Quality Issue?
We ensure it!

Do you worry about the quality of your task that you are expecting for? We prefer to show you an example of our task to make it perfect for you for the very first time. Just Give Us A Try; It’ll take only a minute for you to send the test . This is totally free for you.

Our Prices

Send to us some sample picture that you are looking for from us. We’ll review your image and provide you with actual quotation within an hour. Now how should you give us the files? It is easy. Please submit a Quotation Request page and submit to us. No registration is required here.
Normally we charge USD 0.48 / EUR 0.38 per photo to cut out image by Photoshop Clipping Path or Background Removing service based on complexity level. See Details   here.

Our Clients

We’ve been in the field where we are serving our valued clients for years providing best support staff and a strong productive operation. Our photo editing services like deep etching, Photoshop clipping path, photo masking, Image manipulation are acquired by the Garments/Fashion Industry, Jewelry Companies, Footwear Companies and Cosmetics Companies. More specifically we have been providing our services to many other reputed companies and buyers, Lithographic companies / Prepress companies, DTP studios, Photographers/Photo studios, Web developers companies , Database publishers, Printers, Publishers, Advertising / communication / design agencies, Brands, Store chains / franchise companies, Mail order companies / online retailers, Wholesalers and manufacturing Photoshop clipping path companies and Private uses etc.

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clipping pathYou can judge the quality of work we provide even before you submit an order to GEI. It’s easy to send us your trial picture completely free. Surprisingly, your Free Trial Images will be sent to you within a few hours - you don't have to wait multiple days to check out the quality of service we provide.

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Why our deep etching and image manipulation?

There are four important reasons to choose Us:


Graphic Experts India is a very easy on-line application through which you'll simply upload, check and manage jobs. The whole work follow  is automatic and takes place within the application. Communication and status updates occur via automatic e-mail messages and web notifications.

Cheaper than doing it yourself

Our prices differ between $.48 and $10.00 based on the image complexity level. Whatever the complexity of an object is you never pay more than $10.00 per image! Here the average price is about $5.00 per image but except more extreme complexity.

Quick delivery (within 1 - 24 hours)

Our Production Capacity is 2000 medium complex images per day.

Generally we take 24 hours deadline for the task about 250 images without pausing our regular client. For more complex images or large file formats we may need a bit more time and it may be approximately 48 hours. Moreover, smaller jobs are done within 4 hours!

Perfect and professional

GEI guarantees 100% quality. But if you’re not satisfied we’ll do the job again at free of cost. Do you like to test our service quality? Click here and create an account then get your first isolated image for free.

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