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Photoshop services refer to the editing process in Photoshop to create dynamic photographs. These are essential for Photographers, Photo studios, graphic design agencies, or any. But do you need Photoshop services that help to take your business to the next level?

Graphic Experts India is an offshore professional Photoshop Services providing company. Our Photoshop experts always meet the customer's requirements through the best Photoshop Services. We never compromise quality.

We have a 24/7 customer support team—whether it is a holiday or Christmas. Contact us with any queries like- services outline, file transfer, pricing, etc. You can mail us at We will respond to it cordially within 10 minutes.

Best Photoshop Services Providing Company

Graphic Experts India represents before you with its excellent features. Try us; you must think of us as Photoshop Services near me. We always honor your file security, on-time delivery, and budget-friendly cost. Our discount offer on bulk orders always amazes you.

We have been working for your satisfaction with our quality Photoshop editing services.  You will get unlimited revisions and still satisfaction. Even you may get a money-back guarantee. Our 24/7 customer support is always ready to hear from you.

Photoshop Services
Photoshop Service

Our Features

Secure File Transfer GEI

Secure File Transfer

For fast and secure file transfer, you can use our FTP. We use the most secure Amazon AWS server. You can send images via Dropbox, weTransfer, or Hightail.

On Time Delivery GEI

On-Time Delivery

We are always aware of every project deadline. Our dedicated team is capable of delivering 6000+ images per day. So, no need to worry about ETA.

Best price GEI

Low Cost

Graphic Experts India offers the most competitive price. Our pricing starts at .29¢/image. Request for the custom quote and get the best price.

Bulk Order Discount GEI

Bulk Order Discount

We offer up to 50% Discount on your bulk order or any order (Min 850+ at a time). So, submit the order as soon as possible and get a limited-time offer.

Customer Support GEI

24/7 Client Support

Have any requests or queries? Our 24/7, User-friendly customer support team is always at your help. You will get a reply within 05 minutes or before.

Unlimited Revisions GEI

Unlimited Revisions

We always believe in quality work. But, if you find any problem with our delivered work, don’t worry. We will fix any issue as many times as you need.

Fast Rush Services GEI

Fast & Rush Services

Need fast & rush Services to reach the deadline? Are you Looking for Photoshop experts to decrease your workload? Graphic Experts India is here for your needs.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed GEI

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our goal. So it’s always our pleasure to provide the best effort to any project, every time and all the time.

How does GEI work? | Photoshop Services Near Me

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Get Free Quotation

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Submit Order & Upload Images

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Professional Photoshop Services by Cheapest Photoshoppers

Photoshop services refer to the editing process to create dynamic photographs using Adobe Photoshop and its magical tools like pen, brush, clone stamp, crop, etc.

Photoshop editing services like clipping path, background removing, retouching, masking, manipulation, shadow making, cropping, or resizing help an image brings back its life. It is essential for professional photographers.

Need Photoshop Services for your Photography project? Take Graphic Experts India as a standby partner near you. Our cheapest Photoshoppers are ready to provide photo editing services like clipping paths, background removal, masking, retouching, etc.

Clipping Path is the nucleus of image editing that the pen tool uses to trace a photo edge. Moreover, photo masking helps to get the best results for soft-edged images. No matter what your demand is, you will get the best deal. We charge depending on the image complexity, quantity, and working time.

We are committed to making your eCommerce product look fantastic to attract customers. Here is a wide range of services to fulfill your image editing and retouching demands. Thus, we can fix any flaws in the images using Adobe Photoshop.

Essential Photoshop Services

Essential Photoshop Services are the most popular for Photographers and eCommerce website owners. Here are a few critical Photoshop services that are most demanded.

As an analysis, 76% of people removed the photo background, made it white, and 16% made it transparent. The background plays a vital role in increasing the beauty of an image. But, a nice photo with an ugly background can collapse everything. Thus, we offer background removal, changing, or replacing services at an affordable price.

Background Remove

Background Remove | Photoshop Services

Background removing service can be a game-changer for your business. This allows us to remove or change the photo background to an appropriate one. Graphics expert India offers to remove or swap the background of any pictures.

Additionally, you can order to move objects and clean up specific areas. We provide bulk cut-out images and transparent backgrounds for eCommerce Product image editing.

The cutting process of this selection is done by using the clipping path and masking. Where in the picture is in focus, or is another object highlighted? Again, you can rely on our experts for high-quality professional work. Contact us today for an instant quote on this service.

Clipping Path

Photoshop Clipping Path Services

Clipping path is a vector system of photo editing that traces an outline. Then, it erases the other untraced portions from the picture. Besides, removing background, objects, or any of our clipping path services is top of the line. We are experts, perfecting the art of removal and editing without leaving a trace. Thus, it presents a clear, focused, and sharper image.

Clipping Path service is impressive for a photographer, graphic design agencies, eCommerce businesses, etc. We draw manual paths using the pen tool for a perfect selection for editing needs. Moreover, we provide quality services at a low price. Contact us today for an instant quote on this service.

Image Masking Service

Image Masking Service

Image masking service is a non-destructive process of Photo editing. It comes in handy when the pen tool is unproductive. Our experts have highly training for proficiency in image masking services.

We use the background eraser tool to select a complex subject in an image. Such as images with soft age like fur and muslin. As well as transparent objects like glass bottles and complicated things like hair or tree.

We use various image masking techniques, such as transparency masking, translucent image masking, etc.

Contact us today for an instant quote on this service.

Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint

Ghost Mannequin Effects Image

Ghost Mannequin is a helpful Photoshop service for the apparel industry. It is designed for removing the dummy to help with clothing photography. First, photographers take 02 shots of a garment, one wearing on a mannequin or doll. And another neck part of the garments shows the primary and size label. Then, our retouchers remove the dummy and composite 02 images into a single image. 

As a finishing touch, apply basic retouching, create shadow and fix the light & color. You can use this service for sweaters, shirts, jeans, blouses, blazers, caps, etc. Thus, neck joinery services can benefit the apparel industry.

Shadow Effect Creation

Shadow Effect Creation

Shadows are a natural part of an object. It helps to achieve the perfect placement and three-dimensional look on an object. For eCommerce product images, creating shadow adds benefits and increases sales more.

We know how to add shadow in Photoshop in product images very well. Drop shadow Photoshop is especially important to boost the market. Our expert editors use natural, drop or cast shadow effects to create a different dimension. That brings a new life to the images.

Advance Photoshop Services

With advanced Photoshop services, you can ensure your image look more beautiful. Bring out the best of your photograph with our advanced Photoshop services. Our Photoshoppers are experts in fixing any imperfection. We correct the color, touch up and restore old images. Thus, our high-end Photoshop Retouching Service helps you to create beautiful images. We are ready to help you.

Photography is about blooming the subject from the rest of the canvas. But Perfect photography editing is not an easy task. You may suffer from low lighting, shadow, or any imperfections. Take Graphic Experts India as a standby partner for your advanced Photoshop Services. We never compromise quality. Like our 1000+ satisfied clients, you also be happy with our quality work.

High-end Photo Retouching

High End Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching is a magical service. It makes your photo perfect. So even a dull image can turn into a masterpiece. Besides, Glamour Retouching or Digital Makeover is helpful for portraits or fashion images.

GEI’s Photoshoppers are well experienced and equipped with the latest tools. They can produce eye-catchy images by removing dust, red eye, wrinkle, blemish, acne, etc. Get the best possible picture from your existing photograph. Remove any imperfection from fashion or eCommerce images. Contact us for a photography retouching service.

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry Retouching Services

Jewelry retouching services create an eye-catchy jewelry image to allure customers. Besides, editing jewelry images is one of the most complex tasks. The expert jewelry editors in GEI clean up dust, zits, scratch, or spots.

Moreover, remove the background, make it white and create a shadow for its perfection. It makes the stones brighter and picks up the keystone to represent real beauty. Our use of Photoshop commands is natural and without ‘Over Retouched.’ Thus, jewelry Image needs perfect retouching to catch customers’ attention.

eCommerce Image Edit

eCommerce Image Edit

It is tough to maintain the environment of eCommerce product photography. There must raise some photo processing needs. We are experts at photo optimizing for eCommerce platforms. eCommerce Photo editing is helpful for products, fashion, electronic items, etc., and always follows the eCommerce image guidelines.

Our Expert Photo Editor removes the background, makes it white, and adds shadows. Fix low color and light, and clean up dust, scratch, or fingerprint. As well as crop and resize the images as a rule. For perfect representation on the web store, we fix alignment, crop, resize and strengthen it.

Wedding Photo Retouching

Wedding Photo Retouching Image Example

Shooting and Making wedding photos 100% is always like a hard nut to crack. It’s very penetrating, costly, and time-consuming work. Moreover, the day will not come again. Your images may smash for unexpected light, people, contrast objects, or shadow. That may damage the bride or groom’s skin, jewelry, dress, image background, or foreground. Don’t worry. Our skilled Wedding image editing team will take care of them and fix any imperfections.

We always maintain each factor to make a set of photos look catchy. We ensure your wedding memories will be better at any angle.

Fashion Photo Editing

Fashion Photo Editing | Photoshop Services

Fashion Photo editing contributes a lot to the glamour & Fashion photo industries. Some magical touch of our professional Photoshoppers moke your images gorgeous. That saves your time, energy, and money.

Thus, Fix any imperfection in your fashion photos with our Photoshop services. Clean up dust, wrinkle, or blemishes, and add or remove unnecessary parts. Fix skin tone, stray hair, red eye, lips, and whitening teeth. Make a perfect fashion photo by adding extra effects and exposure. And publish top photos on fashion magazines, blogs, or online platforms.

Portrait Retouching Service

Portrait Retouching | Photoshop Services

Portrait retouch service helps to enhance the beauty of a model. Modern cameras are powerful. It collects every flaw, skin defect, and imperfection in detail.

Portrait photo retouching helps to achieve natural beauty and catchy looks. However, portrait editing services fix skin tones, makeup, and body shapes. To get the flawless natural look, we erase unwanted hair, pimple, dark spot & wrinkle—besides, whiting teeth and improving eye direction help create a perfect portrait. So try our portrait editor and be happy.

Color Correction

Photoshop Color Correction Image

Color Correction or Grading involves advanced photo editing techniques. This service is the process of blooming the actual color in a photo. So, It aims to maintain the balance of a picture even after extensive modification.

We at GEI focus on the light and color setups on the photograph to deliver a perfect image. Color correction keeps the same theme to eliminate undesired color tones. We also focus on the dominant parameters, prominent colors, toning colors, and shades. Thus, we keep the adjustments simple by monitoring the color balance.

Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Image

Photo Restoration services repair damaged images to bring back old memories. Thus, photograph or scan a copy of the damaged picture and send the soft copy to us. Our professional retoucher will take care of it. Using Photoshop, we will fix the low contrast, light, color, or exposure. Remove, replace or re-make background or foreground.

Moreover, clean up dust, spot, scratches, or blemishes. Then, strengthen, crop, or resize the image to restore it. Sometimes, we need to clone/copy a particular part of the damaged image from new photos. We are the best choice for your digital photo Restoration.

Stock Photo Editing

Stock Image Editing exam

Get affordable and top-quality stock photo editing services. Our Photoshoppers are experts in creating or re-fixing stock photos to showcase or upload in marketplaces. For example, our Photoshoppers can remove the background, make it white and create a shadow. Remove noise or dust, branding trade or watermark, logo, or sensor spot. Fix color balance, exposure, and poor light.

We straighten the image, crop, resize or fix the alignment. That will give a new look to your pictures. Please keep faith in our quality editing for stoke photos to use in personal or special projects. We always believe in customer satisfaction.

Real Estate Image Editing

Real Estate Image Retouching

A real Estate editing service helps get the building, architectural, or interior images. Our retouchers know each of the facts to make an image of a house or construction look friendly and precise. We will clean up dust, adjust the color, and white balance, enhance the background, and add or remove the object. We focus on the shadows and brightness to introduce the building or house precisely as a client wishes.

Double exposure photo fixing helps you blend two images in a single frame. Moreover, we take enough time to fix the contrast and angle of pictures so that they reach your satisfactory level.

Vector Illustration & Drawing

Vectors Drawing & Illustration has many advantages over raster images. Whether you want to convert your logo to vector or create a new one, we use it here to help. In addition, you can rely on our designer for creative and fine artwork.

Vector Logo Design

Vector Logo Design Sample

Vector Logo service offers to convert your raster files into high-quality scale-able vectors that you can use on printing like banners, vehicle wraps, screen printing, t-shirts, etc. The quality of the image is enhanced, whether it is a sketch or low-resolution image type. The vector process ensures that there are no fades or pix-elation.

And no inaccuracies on your drawing, sketch, painting, screenshots, etc. Moreover, we are committed to helping our clients through the design phase. And we always ensure a detailed consultation on our vector services. So contact us today for an instant quote on this service.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Vector Drawing

Raster’s logo and artwork are often non-scaleable. This is because it owns a larger file size, whereas vector one is scalable. In this era of the internet, social media plays a huge role in online business. But, the most common will be print media.

You can produce banners, vehicle wraps, screen printing, and t-shirt graphics printing if you need to transform images or logos to vectors. This is the best roster to vector conversion service you. We serve our clients with AI and EPS files. Later you can save it in any image file format.

Pricing of Photoshop Services

Photoshop services’ pricing depends on the images’ quantity and complexity. Thus, send us sample pictures with explicit instructions via our Quote Request Page. After a short review of your photos and education, we will provide an exact quote within an hour.

We charge USD $0.29 per photo for basic images to cut out images by Clipping Path based on the complexity level. See the pricing here…

Clipping Path Service Pricing

Clipping Path Service $0.29 Per Image

  • Basic Clipping $0.29
  • Simple Clipping $0.48
  • Complex Clipping $3.89
  • Compound Clipping $5.89
Vector Drawing Pricing

Vector Drawing $3.99 Per Image

  • Logo Design $4.99
  • Raster To Vector $3.99
  • Vector Art $5.49
  • Photo To Vector $19.99
Image Retouching Pricing

Image Retouching $4.99/ Per Image

  • Portrait Retouching $4.99
  • High-End Retouch $3.99
  • Photo Restoration $20.49
  • Color Correction $1.79
Ghost Mannequin Pricing

Ghost Mannequin $1.49/ Per Image

  • Neck Joint $1.49
  • Neck+Sleeves Joint $1.99
  • Neck+Slv+Bottom $2.99
  • 3D Neck Joint $3.99

100% Quality Assurance

Production QA

Production QA

A QA Supervisor maintains the quality and monitors the entire editing procedure. And helps the designer to understand and follow clients’ Instructions.

Post Production QA

Post Production QA

After that, the QA manager checks the completed images. Then, he confirms everything is done according to the client’s demands.

Pre-Delivery QA

Pre-Delivery QA

After completing, Our Production manager rechecks the quality and delivers it to clients. Finally, the clients get a job uploading notification via mail.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Photoshop Service?

Photoshop Service is oriented to editing or enriching the image beauty with the help of various tools of Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Services covers clipping path for pixel-perfect selection to remove background, photo Retouching, color correction, cropping, resizing, or anything.

Hire Photoshop experts or offshore outsourcing Photoshop Services. What is beneficial to me?

Offshore outsourcing editing Services are more beneficial for you. Hiring experts from your local reach is somehow cost-effective and troublesome. But, offshore outsourcing editing jobs allow you to complete your work. Moreover, you can choose a reliable quality Photoshopper or offshoring firm. Thus you can get creative and unique work at a very affordable price.
GEI guarantees faster and more comfortable overnight service. “Submit order in the evening, and get completed images back in the very morning.”

How is a free trial/quote request no risk?

Our free trial and quote requests allow you to check our quality of work and get pricing ideas. We will never charge for them. Your provided information and sample images will be secured. Thus you have nothing to lose here.

What is your ETA?

Our average turnaround time is 02 to 24 hours. It depends on the image quantity and complexity. We always try our best to deliver our images within 12 hours.

What will happen if your work is not satisfactory?

If you are not satisfied with our work, please request a revision. Make us clear with more Instruction on the issues. That will help our experts better understand your need to fix the problem. You will get unlimited revisions and still satisfaction.

What Is Your Payment System

We accept payment via PayPal. You can also pay by Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer/ Cheque Sending.

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