How to Merge Images with Background in Photoshop

Merging images with BG is nothing new in Photoshop CC 2024. Many professionals use this method to enhance the overall appeal of an image.

However, the process may seem challenging for beginners. I crafted this guide on how to merge images with Backgrounds in Photoshop.

You can follow different methods like Blending modes, Clipping Masks, or Photoshop Generative Fill. With the process, photo manipulation will be more effortless than before.

So, let’s get started.

How to Merge Images with Background in Photoshop with Blending Modes

 Clipping Masks or Blending modes are two popular methods for merging images with BG in Photoshop. You can easily combine images with a solid BG or a transparent background. I will be using Blending Modes in this tutorial. Speed up your editing workflow by learning the below steps.

Step 01: Select the Tool

Adobe Photoshop CC 2023 is full of different tools. So, finding the correct tool for the process is crucial. Blend modes and smart objects are Photoshop’s two popular tools for image merging.

Open the image in your Adobe Photoshop CC 2024

Open the image in your Adobe Photoshop CC 2024. Then, drag and drop the desired image you will be working on into the project. You will find the File above the main BG.

Merge Images with Background

Step 02: Convert the Image to a Smart Object

Choose the New Layer. Right-click on the mouse, and a drop-down menu will appear. Choose Convert to Smart Object from the Menu.

Convert the Image to a Smart Object

You must convert the image into a smart object before proceeding to the next step. The reason is that objects’ visual information is better than other formats. Otherwise, the image may look pixelated once you scale it.

Once done, a smart icon will appear in the corner of the layer. The icon tells that the image is now a Smart Object.

Step 03: Scale the Image Size

Image size also plays a crucial role in the success of this process. So, choose Edit from the Top Menu section and choose Free Transform. This way, you can scale the size of the image according to your preferences.

scale the size of the image
Free Transform

Next, press Enter from your keyboard.

Step 04: Choose a Blending Option

Now, go to the Layers Panel and select the Blending Mode tab. Hover your cursor over all the blending options. As a result, you can see previews of every option.

Blending Option

For this process, I have selected “Darken.”              

Darken it

Here is the outcome.

Merge Images

Step 05: Save the Image

Saving the image in the correct format is vital. Generally, most users use JPEG format to save a file. I won’t discourage you from using this format to save your File. Here, the trick is to learn the purpose of your edited photo and save it accordingly.

Save the Image

TIFF or Tagged Image File Format permits a higher number of bit counts. This file format compresses your files and lets you open the image in separate layers in Photoshop. Also, it has better resolution while incredibly editable. When compressing a file, TIFF is the most advisable.

Go to the top Menu and choose File > Save As. Then, a window will appear, and click on the drop-down Menu of Format option.

Save the Image as TIFF

Finally, select the TIFF option from the drop-down Menu and click OK.

Save Image as TIFF

How to Merge Photos with Background in Photoshop Generative Fill

When combine two images with a Background in Photoshop Generative Fill, keep in mind that the BG has to be similar. Otherwise, merging the images will take a lot of work.

Step 01: Canvas Set Up and Image Placement

Once the two photos you want to merge with BG are selected, create a new doc in Photoshop. The doc will work as the Canvas.

Then, position the images with generous amounts of space in the center. Thus, creating the transition with Generative fill will be easier.

Next, select the Rectangular Marquee tool and choose the empty spaces and a portion of each image.

  • Hover your mouse to File> New or hit Ctrl + N together.
  • The width and height of pixels need to be changed based on your needs. I choose height= 6,000 pixels and Width= 4,000 pixels for my images. Then click OK. 
Canvas Set Up
  • Afterward, go to File> Place Embedded and select a photo file for placement. This step needs to be followed for both images.
  • Align the images, leaving a gap in the middle.
Align the images
  • Now, choose Rectangular Marquee Tool from the left panel. You can also hit the shortcut key “M” on the keyboard.
  • Create a Rectangle in the middle of the photo. While creating the Rectangle, select some portions of the images.
Create a Rectangle in the middle of the photo

Remember that any selection tools are workable for marking the pixels you must use in the Generative Fill. Also, placing the selections in the center of the image is only sometimes necessary.

Here, the critical point is to select an adequate portion of each image. Thus, the photos’ pixels will be chosen, and the images will merge seamlessly.

Step 02: Use Generative Fill to Combine Images with Background

Generative Fill is straightforward to use in Photoshop. After following the above steps, you only need to click the Generative Fill from the Menu and choose Generate. You will see a blank text field where you have to write the prompt.

  • Choose Generative Fill.
Use Generative Fill to Combine the Images
  • Write the Prompt and Select Generate.
Write the Prompt and Select Generate
  • Photoshop will show you three variations of the Merged photos with Background. You can select the one that looks best. If you are unsatisfied with any of the options, click Generate again. You can generate new images until the photo matches your expectations.
How to Merge Images using Generative Fill

Why Image Merging with Background in Photoshop is Necessary?

You may wonder why merging images with BG is necessary. Here are a few reasons.

  • Image merging with a background in Photoshop is necessary to blend different elements seamlessly.
  • It creates a cohesive look for designs, like posters or advertisements.
  • Merging helps remove distracting or unwanted backgrounds from images.
  • It allows you to place subjects in different environments, enhancing storytelling.
  • This technique is crucial for product photography, making items look like they belong in their surroundings.
  • It enables artists to compose fantasy or surreal scenes by combining various elements.
  • Merging with the background enhances the overall visual appeal of images.
  • It gives flexibility in manipulating and arranging elements to create desired compositions.


Can I use Photoshop to merge a picture with a background?

Yes, using Adobe Photoshop, you can easily merge a picture with a background. Import both the picture and the background image into Photoshop on separate layers. Adjust the size of your picture using the resize feature to fit well with the background.

How do I merge two photos in Photoshop?

Merging two photos in Photoshop can be done using the layer feature. First, open both images in Photoshop. Drag one image onto the other to create two layers. Then, use the move tool to position the two pictures as you desire. To seamlessly merge them, you might apply a layer mask and use the brush tool to blend the edges.

What is the best way to combine images in Photoshop?

The best way to combine images is by using the Photoshop layer mask feature. This allows you to blend two images together in a non-destructive manner. With the images loaded as separate layers, apply a layer mask to your top image. Then, using the brush tool with an appropriate opacity level, paint over the areas where you want the two pictures to blend.

How can I combine multiple images into one using Photoshop?

To combine multiple images into one in Photoshop, start by opening all images in the same project. Place each image on its layer and use the move tool to arrange them. Use layer masks to blend images together seamlessly.
For complex compositions, you might consider adjusting the opacity, using the brush tool for detailed masking, or employing blend modes to achieve the desired effect. Photoshop’s powerful layering system makes it easy to combine photos.

What are some tips for beginners trying to merge photos in Photoshop?

For beginners looking to merge photos in Photoshop, start with simple projects to familiarize yourself with basic tools such as the layer masks, the brush and move tool. Practice adjusting the opacity to blend images smoothly.
Watching Photoshop tutorials and practicing with combining images in photoshop accelerate your learning process. 

Last Notes

Now you know how to merge images with Background in Photoshop using the above steps. Merging images with BG is required for several reasons, like making posters, creating storytelling, etc. Moreover, image manipulation will become easier with the process. Practice the steps and hone your skills.

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