Outdoor Product Photography Ideas to Boost Sales in Ecommerce

Want to add different aesthetics to your product image? Go for outdoor product photography. You can make your product photograph more lucrative, focusing perfectly on the sellable light possible.

Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to do outdoor product photography. A little bit overcast days are also a good option.

Learning a few basics regarding outdoor product photography ideas will be handy. This comprehensive guide shares details about environmental product photography.

The ideas will help ecommerce businesses representing product images to boost ecommerce sales. From capturing to highlighting product details, there are many techniques that can make your outdoor products stunning. 

So, let’s dive in and discover how to take outdoor product photography to drive sales! 

What is Outdoor Product Photography?

Outdoor Product Photography involves capturing high-quality product photos in an outdoor setting. It does not use artificial studio lighting equipment and backgrounds, instead it uses the beauty and freshness of natural environments. 

It encompasses more than mere image capture; it incorporates strategic angles, suitable lighting, and imaginative arrangements to enhance the product’s visual allure and desirability to the target audience.

Outdoor product photography ideas

Which Images are Eligible for Outdoor Photography?

A wide range of products are available on the market; the below-listed items are perfect for this type of photography.

  • Vehicles, including SUVs, bicycles, motorcycles, high-end cars
  • Hats, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, etc.
  • Skincare and makeup products
  • Conditioner, shampoo, soap, and other cosmetic products
  • Perfumes, watches, jewelry, bags, and to name a few
  • Beverages and drinks
  • Healthcare products

Professional Ideas for Outdoor Product Photography

The ideas can capture eye-catchy images using light and shadows to produce a variety of colors and tones in your photo.

Your customer will get connected to nature and the product at the same time when you capture the product photograph outdoors. If the customer uses the product daily, outdoor product photography can significantly influence buying decisions.

Here are outdoor product photography tips for you.

Individual Captures

Individual Captures Outdoor

If you are working with a single product, go with individual capture. In this type of shot, center framing and the rule of thirds will help draw customer attention to the product look.

Keep the product on 1/3 of the frame instead of on one side of the photo. Thus, the photo will be eye-catchy and unique.

Group Captures

Group Captures Outdoor

Group captures are a good choice when you want to give an overall idea to your customers of your products. With this photography idea, the customer will know whether you sell drinks, clothes, accessories, or other products.

In fact, you can showcase your entire product line with a group that captures creative product photography ideas.

Proper Lighting is the Key

proper lighting in Outdoor

Improper lighting will make an image completely unappealing. On the other hand, when proper lighting is used, the product and background will give a great appearance.

Natural lighting performs greatly in clothing and edible items photography. Moreover, users really like these photos when posted on social media like Instagram,  

Look for the Perfect Texture

Perfect Texture in Product Shoot

Are you looking to add a good compositional element to your product photo? Adding texture would be a good idea for sure. Your customers will lead around the frame when the texture is added, even when you can’t arrange the product the way they require.

If the captured image lacks differentiation and contrast, add a wide range of textures. As a result, a viewer will feel interested. Simultaneously, the product picture will look monochromic without looking flat.

Shot in the Sunset

Product Photography in Sunset

If you ask a photographer what your favorite photo shooting time is, most votes will go for SUNSET.

Yes, photographers love to capture photos during sunset, whether the image is for people or products. Moreover, both landscapes and portraits look excellent in the sunset.

However, you will need to follow the correct settings. The reason is sunsets are fleeting.

Flat Lay Captures

Flat Lay Captures

The other name for flat-lay shots is overhead shots. This photography idea adds unique aesthetics to all types of images and is well-liked by social media users.

It uses a top-down framing technique that helps the photographer highlight the exceptional features of the product.

In addition, if some contrasting color props are added to the image along with the outdoor location, the product seems exquisitely appealing. It effectively grabs the customer’s attention.

Hanging Shots

Hanging Shots

Don’t think about flat lay shots only; hanging shots are also effective for products like shoes, clothing, etc. Using this photography idea, use a hanger or hold or other things to hang the product.

Also, remember to keep the hand or hanger out of the frame when capturing. Otherwise, your product will lose its unique glory.

Use a Mirror

Use a Mirror

Want to capture a “WOW” image? Try adding reflection in the image. Now, you might be wondering how to create reflection. You can take help from the mirror, shiny surfaces or plastic sheets, etc.

The good news is that reflections can be controlled when the image is captured in studio lights. This way, the final result will be focused for sure.

Add Movement

Add Movement

Does your image lack context and look static? Don’t hesitate to add energy and movement to the shots. It will make the final image a lot more dynamic.

While capturing an image of beverages or drinks, try to get all the movements you can achieve. One factor to remember is to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the movement.

Capture in Rain

Capture in Rain

Many professional photographers use water in their photographs. Using water is an effective photography idea for water’s gorgeous flow and ebb characteristics.

But capturing water movement takes a bit of work. You can overcome this challenge by setting the shutter speed high and the camera at burst mode. Water splashing will assist you in making some interesting product photoshoots.

Be Dramatic & Bold

Be Dramatic & Bold

Bold and dramatic images are a great way to increase your product sales. Use a darker background, play with the light and add a bit of highlight in different places of your product. The image will achieve an excellent look, undoubtedly.

Packaging Shots

Packaging Shots in Outdoor

Top brands usually invest a lot in their packaging. The reason is that an appealing package has significant power to make a potential visitor.

Moreover, packaging contributes to the brand identity. At the same time, good packaging gives an impression of the quality of the product.

So, the idea of packing shots outdoors will help you show the product’s packaging and labeling. This will increase the trustworthiness among customers.

Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle shots are suitable for bags, jewelry, clothes, shoes, and other products. Usually, customers need to measure the size of these products, and lifestyle photoshoots help them understand the size of the products.

Consequently, such a photography idea will help customers know how they will look after wearing the items.

Therefore, your customer will be able to connect to the brand with this exterior photography idea.

Capture in Golden Hour Lighting

Capture in Golden Hour Lighting

Many photographers hardly dislike the golden hour. This is a perfect time to capture an outstanding image, whether a landscape, pets, or people. The minutes before sunrise or sunset are excellent timing to photograph outdoors.

During golden hour, the skies remain dramatic, helping you capture stunning images.

Embrace the Holiday or Season

Embrace the Holiday or Season

Generally, people buy a lot during the holidays or seasons. They buy for themselves and their beloved ones. Capturing product photos with Holliday or seasons vibe can drastically increase online sales.

Use seasons or Holliday as a fundamental for your product photography.

Benefits of Outdoor Product Photography Tips to Increase Online Sale

Product photography Ideas play a crucial role for taking photos and boosting e-commerce sales. Actually visuals significantly impact the purchasing decision of customers.

The more effectively you showcase your product shots, the higher the chances of increasing sales. Outdoor product photography ideas, in particular, can have several unique benefits.

Outdoor Product Photography Tips

Here are some of the benefits,

  • Such photography ideas will make your products stand out from similar items since they are captured in a studio.
  • Product photographs in natural light with natural settings look great.
  • When shooting outdoors, there are unlimited choices of backgrounds.
  • If you want to give a natural message through your products to the customer, literally everything is provided by nature.
  • Natural sunlight, golden hour, during sunset or sunrise, a high-quality product photo leaves an amazing look.
  • It can provide a natural, vibrant, and real-life context ideal for various products.

Additionally, outdoor spaces inherently render a sense of openness and freedom that can be leveraged to evoke certain emotions or expressions associated with the product.

For instance, camping gear can be photographed in an outdoor setting to capitalize on buyers’ desire for adventure.


What colors are better for outdoor shoots?

Warm white (2700K) is a better color option for product photographers. In fact, it is a preferred color temperature for landscape photography. Psychologically, it is an eye-soothing and welcoming color than higher color temperatures.

What is the best lighting for outdoor product photography?

Golden hour is the best lighting for outdoor product photography. This is the last hour before sunset or the immediate hour following sunrise. During the middle of the day, sunlight is harsh, brighter, and direct.

Do I need a Speedlight for outdoor photoshoot?

No, a Speedlight is unnecessary for outdoor photoshoot. The sun performs as a Speedlight and eliminates the requirement of using a Speedlight. Instead, move your subject or tell your subject to move or change their position accordingly.

Is outdoor product photography challenging?

In reality, photography is challenging, whether capturing product images outdoors or indoors. However, best outdoor photography has additional challenges than indoor photography.

Learning the interaction of light and shadows to produce different tones and colors is important. The perfect time is also crucial in this case, as the sunlight is harsh in the middle of the day.

So, sunset or sunrise times, golden hours, etc., are the best time for creative product photography.

Product Photography

Final Notes

There are many different outdoor product photoshoot ideas that could take thousands of pages to describe in papers. Outdoor photography is amazing when professional touch is involved.

Hopefully, the above ideas will help you decide what exactly is needed and how to best use the outdoor environment.

So, don’t hesitate to try them and go ahead.

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