Photoshop Service Prices Details

Looking for affordable Prices or a photo editing company for the ongoing project? 

Graphic Experts India is an authoritative and cost-effective photoshop editing solution for the eCommerce Product photo, Portrait, and Wedding Photography Industry. 

We are providing effortless and hassle-free services for a decade with lots of positive feedbacks from happy clients. Above all, customer satisfaction with quality work is our primary concern.  Here is the basic price chart to guess the cost. Moreover, this is not the definitive price. It depends on various factors. 


  • The complexity of the images
  • The time it will consume during production 
  • Quantity of Images. 
  • Require Turnaround Time

Low Price Guaranteed. Yet no compromise on quality!

Photo Editing Price List by Graphic Experts India

 Each of our pricing plans of photoshop services is designed following only potential clients, who are looking for quality photoshop services at an affordable rate. We don’t compromise with quality at all, even in unwanted situations.

We expect clients for long term work since our pricing plan offers you multiple-choice options including a free trial. You are welcome to use our trial plan since our free trial is open for all. It helps you a better understanding of the quality of our services and gets you up with a clear idea about how we work. 

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Example of Our Work

Photoshop Clipping Path Prices

DescriptionStarts atPrices
Simple Clipping Path Starts at$0.29
Medium Photo ClippingStarts at$1.49
Complex Image ClippingStarts at$3.89
Super Complex Image Clipping After Review.

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Image Background Removal Price

We provide all the following background removing services at a cheap rate but we don’t compromise with quality. Background removing is a fundamental task before heading any photo editing in photoshop. We provide quality background removal services at a reasonable cost.

There are different ways to remove the background from the image in photoshop. Hand-drawn clipping path and image masking are the best technique to remove the background professionally. 

We analyze the complexity of the image, the method that should apply, and the time frame before asking the exact amount you should pay for the Background Removing service. 

DescriptionStarts atPrices
Basic Background RemoveStarts at$0.39
Simple Background RemovalStarts at$0.48
Medium Background RemovingStarts at$3.89
Complex Background RemoveStarts at$5.89
Super Complex Background Remove After Review.

Cheap Photoshop Image Masking

Image Masking is a technique used to find the pure subject where containing so many details, such as hair, fur, the flash of water. Our excellency is to extract any complex subject without destruction any necessary part of the image. We use the most innovative technique for image masking using photoshop.

We provide professional image masking services at a reasonable cost. Our primary concern is to provide quality Image Masking Service as per our customer’s requirements. Our notable Photoshop Image Masking Services are:

DescriptionStarts atPrices
Hair MaskingStarts at$1.99
Layer MaskingStarts at$1.49
Alpha MaskingStarts at$1.49
Complex Image Masking After Review.

You can judge the quality of work we provide even before you submit an order to GEI. It’s easy to send us your trial picture completely free. Surprisingly, your Free Trial Images will be sent to you within a few hours – you don’t have to wait multiple days to check out the quality of service we provide.

Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint Price

We are highly efficient in Ghost Mannequin using photoshop. It enhances the beauty of the clothing image and looks much better. If you require any professional Image Neck Joint Services, Please get in touch with us. We cover you by providing our best. Our excellency is to modify or alter any image keeping the same outlook

DescriptionStarts atPrices
Neck JointStarts at$1.49
Neck+Sleeves JointStarts at$1.99
Neck+Slv+Bottom JointStarts at$2.99
3D Ghost MannequinStarts at $3.99

Affordable Photo Retouching Rate

“Award-winning Retouching Team”

Photo retouching is a frequent action of photo editing to describe the image more appealing and eye-catchy. We provide a professional photo retouching service using photoshop. Our strength is to ensure quality photo retouching at a reasonable cost. We are committed to making the image highly professional by polishing every single pixel, color correction, and whatever it takes. Our notable Photo Retouching Services are:

DescriptionStarts atPrices
Pro RetouchStarts at$4.99
Basic RetouchingStarts at$2.49
High-end RetouchStarts at$7.89
Extra RetouchStarts at$10.89
Digital Photo Manipulation & RestorationStarts at$20.49

Basic Retouching Level – Light, Quick, High-Grade

Professional wedding & amateur photographers require photo retouching services to enhance the quality of images. High-end photo post-processing, as well as artistic changes, are their primary concern. Therefore, we make the plan for busy photographers

Our basic plan is highly cost-effective and comes with necessary color correction, exposition, and fix the contrast if needed. Our basic plan also included post-processing with basic retouching of images. Where included teeth whitening, red eyes effect removing, etc. Our offering price is $2.49 per basic image retouching.

Pro Retouching Level – Perfect, Briefly, Supreme

Our pro retouching plan is optimized for professionals who require advanced photo retouching services. Usually, portrait photographers apply to the plan. In another word, The plan is designed for post-processing and individual demand approach. 

It requires a lot of effort and needs experts’ hands to make an image beautiful as per our plan requirement. Usually, our expert works on skin retouching and smoothing, color correction and tone adjustment, brightness, and lighting adjustment, and finally, background enhancement. Our Pro Retouching plan is cost-effective since our pricing starts at $4.99 per image editing. 

High-End Retouching Level 

As a professional photographer, you must meet the style of modern post-processing and other criteria. Those who have experienced in working with magazine or fashion photography, know what does it mean by High-End Retouching. High end refers to the better quality of image, where it requires one more professional involvement.

We have made the High-End Retouching plan for those who require deep image post-processing without affecting their way of work. The plan rate seems a bit higher because it takes deep attention and is time-consuming. Our expert work on single details of an image.

When it comes to High-End Retouching, we take an image through every possible correction and make it super beautiful. We concern the skin and body of the image, color correction & balance, Enhance the background and adding High Dynamic Range effects. Our best price starts at $7.99 per image editing following the High-End Retouching plan.

Extra Retouching Level – Unusual, New, Natural

Our Extra Retouching pack doesn’t follow any particular rules of editing when we are performing every possible editing on a photo. We use different techniques to make the photo unique and eye-catchy.

You are open to ask for changes background of images, replace the heads, or other parts of the body. We can add any additional part if needed, such as the face, figure, skin, etc. You are also free to ask for adding shadows or color correction, merge photos, add or delete any unnecessary elements. Our best offering price starts at $10.99 for each image editing following the Extra Retouching requirements.

Digital Photo Manipulation and Restoration – Fantastic, Surreal, Huge

Our Digital Photo Manipulation and Restoration is the most expensive plan compering all other plans we mentioned above as we offer the most advanced level editing service that it deserves. The best editing services include with the plan are photo manipulations, damaged photo enhancement, photomontage, Enhancing an old photo.

Our best offer starts at $20.49 for the Digital Photo Manipulation and Restoration plan.

Worried about transmitting large files? No matter what the file size is, you can use our secure & faster FTP Server to transmit your large files. Your images are secure with us. In any circumstances, We will never sell, use or share your images. See our Privacy policy to learn more. Have any issues with delivered work. Don’t worry. We will fix it as many times as you need. We always believe in quality & customer satisfaction.

Color Correction and Ecommerce Recoloring Rates

The most innovative color correcting services using Adobe lightroom and photoshop. Finding the right balance of color is important to make a photo representable. We provide creative color correction services to make the photo more realistic and natural. Having only technical skill is not enough, It requires other creative skills too for Color Correction of an image such as lighting, photography. Our notable Color Correction rates are:

DescriptionStarts atPrices
Color CorrectionStarts at$0.49
Exposure CorrectionStarts at$0.49
Recolor/ Color ConversionStarts at$6.89

We ensure it!

Do you worry about the quality of your task that you are expecting for? We prefer to show you an example of our task to make it perfect for you for the very first time. Just Give Us A Try; It’ll take only a minute for you to send the test. This is totally free for you.

Shadow Making Price Estimation

When a transparent image is placed on a white color background with perfect shadow, it looks more natural and eye-catchy. We create a natural shadow using photoshop as per your image requirement. Our Shadow Making Services are very cost-effective and professional. Our notable Shadow Making Services are:

DescriptionStarts atPrices
Drop ShadowStarts at$0.19
Natural Shadow Starts Starts at$0.49
Reflection ShadowStarts at$0.89

Raster To Vector Image Conversion Rate

Professional Raster To Vector Image Conversion Service at a reasonable price. We use all professional graphical software such as Illustrator, photoshop to draw the right path following the Raster image and then make it vector using multiple layers. It is a very cost-effective service we offer our clients

DescriptionStarts atPrices
Logo DesignStarts at$4.48
Raster To VectorStarts at$3.49
Vector ArtStarts at$5.89
Complex Photo To VectorStarts at$19.89

Fail to match pricing with your budget, send us sample images with instructions. We will provide a custom offer or exeat price just for you.