How to Make Background Transparent in Photoshop

Sometimes photos of the product to the website pictures are better without the background. However, adding a transparent background to the image is possible with the help of Photoshop magic. However, this whole process requires time, patience, and skills.

Background removal is a widespread editing technique in Photoshop. Photoshop CC 2021 is the universal usable tool to remove the background of an image.

Using a transparent background for product photos opens up a vast range of eye attention-grabbing pictures. After, the outcome of the images has a gorgeous look in those photos. Moreover, the transparent background benefits from setting your product into any background.

The user screen size is also responsive to the transparent background. This thing happens in designing websites.

When website logo files are created, they should be in a transparent background because it will help place the logo anywhere. In addition, it blends with the page’s background color.

Whiter Vs. Transparent Background

People have different types of needs. In printing, transparent and white cannot create any dispute. Both backgrounds will be the same in the time of print and publications.

When editors use Photoshop CC 2021 to work with the masks or layers, the transparent background will be used. The white background will give relief. But it is not easy to perform every image instantaneously. When editors accumulate them into one image, then they face those problems.

Editors who are starting to create a new file with white or transparent is significant for the first layer only.

The background is the first layer of the image, and it will be filled with color that has been chosen in settings. After that, however, they can work on the extra layer to add to the image.

Empty layer production can be done with a transparent backdrop. Also, the transparent background has nothing in the layer. That is why it will be easy to edit the image.

How to make transparent Background

Using Photoshop Selection Tool

The process of transparent background includes what should be kept in the image and whatnot. But people may not have an idea which Photoshop tools, especially the selection tools, are best for this task. Hence, image is the big factor in selecting the tools. However, the selection process is quite simple when Photoshop experts work on a model or product with contrast, the dark object, the light background, and the single-color logo.

To do this task, editors who are experienced in removing the busy background can also remove the white or solid color background. However, using Photoshop selection tools would save time by using.

Magic Wand Tool

Magic Wand Tool will select the image pixel, which is the standard color. For example, there may be a logo on a white background. Then choose the white area to select. After that, delete the area for clearing the photo anyway. But it is not possible to eliminate the background in one sitting if there are different backgrounds. In that case, the designer has to use the above process again and again.

Marquee of Rectangular and Elliptical

When photo editors select the object with a perfect circle, then use this selection tool. First, therefore, think about what you want to keep, then start the section.

Lasso, Select Subject, and Mask

Sometimes editors need to deal with the complex background. Then these tools are helpful for this type of background. Photoshop’s main enchanting power is also live in those tools. You can use the background eraser tool.

Photoshop Selection Tools

Transparent background is easy to create with Photoshop. Using the web-ready format to save the file is very easy. If anyone knows how to use Photoshop software, then everything will be helpful for them. The following description is about the easy steps of transparent background image creation

  1. Use the image in the layered file
  2. select the preferred area from the photos
  3. Erase the background
  4. web-ready format for saving the images
  5. now save the file

How to Make Background Transparent in Photoshop CC 2021 [Step by Step Tutorial]

Step 01: Use the Photos in the Layered File

First, open Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 on your device. Then open the image of the product in it. Most of the picture is in JPG format. A product image with single background color is used to complete this tutorial.

How to Make Background Transparent in Photoshop CC 2021

Find layers panel in Adobe Photoshop. In this way, the panel remains on the right of the side of the photos window. If it was not there, find it by clicking on the window. Then navigate to the layers section from the menubar. This was at the top of the Photoshop window.

make background transparent

There is a background layer in the layer panel area. Click the background layer twice. It will pop up a new layer dialog box. Then it will ask to rename the layer. Name it as you like or do not change the name. Then the name will be default layer 0. After that, save it and click ok.

make transparent background

Thus, the background layer is unlocked, and photo editors can delete anything from the photo.

Then, it will create a transparent background.

Step 02: Select the Preferred Area From the Photos

Use the tool called magic wand tools. You can find this tool on the left side. Now find the options bar on Photoshop. When seeing it, then search for a select subject and click it. This will help to select the object from the image. Hence, the background will be separate from the object of the picture.

How to make background transparent

When selection is not good enough, the Magic Wand tool will help to remove the backdrop from the selection area. Hence, graphic editors can add more of the product for selection depending on how the selection will be.

In the above product, Photoshop could not remove the shadow from the object after selection. Then find the option panel. There is an icon called Subtract from selection and choose that option. After that, use the Magic Wand tools to select the shadow. After that, the selection process is completed if the products are preferred.

In the image, many holes may be remaining after the selection process. So, cover the areas that are missing in the time of selection.

How to make an image transparent in Photoshop

Step 03: Erase the Background.

In the above step, there you select the product. Then search the inverse after typing SHIFT+CTRL+I. This option is available in the Select panel. When you click the mouse button, there is an inverse option at the down of the menu.

How to change background of photo in photoshop

After the selection of inverse background, click the BACKSPACE. You will have a transparent bg. In this way, a transparent background will appear in the picture with the gray and whiteboard, like a chessboard pattern.

How to make transparent

If editors want to deselect, then press the CTRL+D.

Step 04: Web-ready Format for Saving the Photos

Making the background transparent is the first step of Photoshop. Photoshop Editors need to make sure that they save the product of the image inappropriate format. Because then it will be easy to use on the website of e-commerce products.

PNG-24 is the best format for saving the image. The benefit of this format is a lot, such as the transparency of multiple layers. In addition, pixelated “halo” will not be created in a different color background when the PNG-24 format is used. PNG-8 and the GIF are the older file format of the transparent background. However, these formats can also add an incredible halo effect. Lastly, PNG-24 is the best format for a transparent background effect.

There are some keyboard steps to save the file in PNG-24 format. Therefore, press SHIFT, then ALT. Also, CTRL and W. all these buttons press together. However, another way is to open the file option and go to Export and Export As.

This feature is available in the photoshop older version. When the Export As is not found, that version finds the option called Save for the Web. Next, select the PNG-24, which is in the Preset menu. This preset menu is on the right-hand side of the dialogue box.

Make pictures transparent

Next, in the dialogue box, there is a file set on the right of the box. There is an option for Format, and there is a PNG format. Finally, there is a transparency option and tick the option. Beware when using an 8-bit file because then file conversion would be PNG-8.

Photo Size

How to make a transparent background

While doing the above task, wait for the PNG file with the desired format. That format can be found on the left-hand side of the image. Then, check the photo size for the website. Nevertheless, big-size photos will decrease the speed of website loading. Therefore, 200 KB or smaller size website photos are suitable for use on the internet.

There is a dialogue box on the right side when editors do this process. Hence, Image Size is an option to regulate the photo size depth. For example, when the photo volume is less, then the image file is smaller, and when the photo volume is big, then the file is big. Moreover, be careful about the image size and volume. Furthermore, Maintain the minimum ratio of image size so that photo will not be blurred when uploaded.

On the website, every customer wants to see the details of the image. Whatever the ratio of the website wants, always prepare to save the photo larger. Because some people have a more prominent display, or some may have a mobile display. However, choose a ratio that will fit all presentations with proper depth.

In a nutshell, please focus on the photo size and keep balance with minimizing the file size when any customer surfing the website with a bigger display saves the best photo. Nevertheless, save other images with actual size on the site.

Step 5: Now Save the File as .PNG

This step is the last. The above process will support establishing the Photo Size with appropriate depth. Then find the button called Export All and click it.

Next step, there will be a dialogue box. In the box, editors will find the option to choose a folder. In their editors can keep the photos of the products for the website. Nevertheless, this will help separate the original image and the website’s edited image. Moreover, this will derive confusion when uploading to the sites. Lastly, save the image file with the .png name.

make images transparent

 Effective use of Transparent Background in Graphics Editing

Painting and wallpaper are work as background in the graphic design world.

It is correct if the background is excellent, blends with the photo, and makes a gorgeous space. But it will be wrong if the background deviates from the blatant eye distracting.

Website, flyers, and social media photos are not very detailed background. However, editors will keep in mind that a photo background should not be similar to a paint job because spectators could not focus on specific areas.

To create the appropriate background for the photos, do some research. This will give some idea about the background. However, there is no degradation to using the white or solid background. But, here, we benefit from adding a transparent backdrop in the photos.

Uses of Transparent Background

01. Make the Background Simple

The demonstrated or decorative background can add lots of character to the design. However, this background is too hard to see in the text. Then the semi-transparent background is a solution for them.

02. Create the Visibility of Text

Advertisement of websites and social media are tools for website marketing of products. Print media is also commonplace for advertisement. However, this depends on the background of the photos. Also, colors, exposure, brightness, contrast, composition, etc., should be appropriate to sync with the image.

Here transparent background example with white color. This makes it possible to place the black text on the darkish photos.

Uses of Transparent Background

This can be applied oppositely also. Where the white color text in the dark transparent background photo.

Use of Transparent Background

03. Make an Airy and Fresh Presence

A designer’s sense will show openness and easiness in the layout when the design is transparent. For example, a new front and neat layout require a background series shape to gain the minimalistic design.

make an airy and fresh presence

04. Use Viewers Focus Directly

Photos have a solid shape and edge design, but designers do not want to cover the design. Then transparent backdrop is a solution. When the designer uses the transparency technique, it is to be creative with the method.

For example, designers can use the door, window, or other shapes of cuts to look through. Also, they can handle the transparency level to focus on the fixed area of photos.

People’s focus can be diverted to a sufficient area. For example, in the poster of theater, add the shape of the letter is cut out with a combination of a transparent colored background. This will help audiences to focus on the main star of that poster.

Use viewers focus directly 2
Use viewers focus directly

05. Display the Inside Material

Graphic editors can also use transparency in the packaging of the product, magazine cover, food, another container, and other types of attachment. This transparent background technique helps to reveal what is inside that packaging. Which can boost the selling of the item because the customer can see the product beneath the packaging?

In this photo, the magazine cover with a transparent design. The title of that magazine writes entirely on a transparent backdrop. So, this type of cover will give excellent and polished, tangible quality, enhancing the picture beneath the transparent cover.

06. Layered-Look Creation:

In photoshop, the best benefits are to use a transparent background or multiple backgrounds with various types of design rudiments. With these designs, you can make interesting visual effects and the depths of the layout. These effects and layouts have multiple colors, pictures, and sizes.

The transparency background of the following posters became useful when using the portraits of a series event. However, some text in the poster is visible because of the additional transparent background.

When creating the layers, photo editors must make the effect more lively, with high-quality colors and charming details. However, now the texture is somewhat observable through the transparent background, which makes the flyer a unified look

Layered look creation

07. Display the Texture

The transparent background uses to cover the details which are distracting from the image. Also, the backdrop uses in different ways with some texture and visual effect to create attraction in the design.

The banner, an advertisement for a garment retailer, uses a transparent background. This background displays the pattern of checkered textile from the main design.

09. Blending Effects Creativity Results

There are various types of design software that give different modes and tools. These tools help to imaginatively mixture layers, colors, photos, and other features that create different types of visual effects. Transparency and other settings combine the technique and methods described already.

In the following design features, the background layer is the collection of a digital collage of old photographs, paper surfaces. Moreover, ink, delicate colors, and handwriting are added to the picture. All these give the image an antique-style arrangement.

However, most of the design part is very interesting. Hence, the different levels of transparency are used in the large area of the photo to combine the pieces into a line whole.

Blending Effects creativity results

10. Branding Strengthen

In the time of designing a background should be the first thought. Moreover, this design can be helpful to present the company’s uniqueness and style. Many brands may have their colors and recognize appeal.

Google’s annual report design shows its lively colors and transparent background forms. This type of design is like a new concept project to strengthen brand value.

Branding Strengthen

11. Target the Areas of Prominence:

There are several photos or websites to highlight the important text or strategy elements. For example, following a red banner that is added against the black and white colors gives a catchy look to the eye. Also, the special offer is being promoted with a discount rate. This is how transparency uses in the photos.

12. The Composition Should Create a Mind-blowing Idea:

Finally, the best suggestion is to be creative! For example, in the project of graphic designer transparency and opacity are various tools of Photoshop. These tools can create a fascinating effect on the project. Therefore, start experimenting with the project within your ability and give a whole idea for the design.

The following example will wrap up our description transparent background will be part of creativity—also, the amount of visual design composition.

The book cover in the picture shows that a small design can tell a lot. A transparent with simple blue rectangle signifies the water of the ocean. The water of the sea interacts with the text of the title. The title describes the threatening shark fin that is above the water.

Compostion should create with mind blowing idea

Final Verdict on Making Background Transparent in Photoshop:

The Biggest Reason for the transparent background depends on the designer above discussion. We are doing this to give you some ideas about how anyone can use the transparent background image.

However, the combination of a transparent backdrop image with others can create the focus area and emphasize the background photo. Lastly, use the transparent background photo with a different color filter to make the photos more glittering and attractive.

We are so interested in doing the transparent technique with Photoshop CC 2021. Do that if possible. Because of the above, we have already given some designs that can help you create different design projects. As a graphic designer, you should keep in mind that color, composition, texture before using transparency in the project.

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