Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint Services

Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Services is the clothing photo editing process in Photoshop. Where we remove the mannequin/dummy/model/doll and give the appeal a realistic and creative hollow look. This service is important for professional photographers, garment industry owners who have eCommerce websites to sell clothes.

E-commerce retailers want different service points. Precisely, to work for them on the invisible mannequin for clothing images. When the magic mannequin gives a professional touch to apparel, it appears with a more real and flawless outlook. However, if you are an apparel photographer, before posting to your website, you have to remove the mannequin from the final output. Hence, neck joint service can be used to make 3D helo clothing.

Graphic Experts India is offering all kinds of photoshop editing services for clothing and apparel photos. We have an expert team to provide high-quality hollow man effect and neck joint services. Furthermore, our generous team is capable to guarantee 100% client satisfaction. So why wait? take a free trial to judge the quality of our work.

Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint Services 

Generally, a photographer takes an image with a mannequin; Thus, the product’s inner part appears in a subtle look. They capture another picture of the inner part to make the inner part visible and eliminate the mannequin. For the next process, the image requires ghost mannequin services. Usually, this is a technique to remove the mannequin, dummy, or human and composite back part and front part to give the cloth a hollow look. 

Besides, the hollow man effect or Neck joint service is used to create a remove. Both techniques are useful to create an eye-catchy image.

In other words, the neck joint generates a dead space in a vanished body, a translucent mannequin is used by joining the inner and front parts of apparel. Next, the image background needs to be removed, and the clipping path works to join the inner and front parts of the garment. 

Sometimes, you may get a fuzzy and less focused inner part photograph. To get rid of this problem, solutions are color correction, brightness, contrast, sharpness is used to produce an eye-catching outlook. An appropriate vision enhances the sale of a product and improves the traffic to a web store. We have a well-skilled and experienced team to provide smooth, realistic ghost mannequin services.

However, it is a bit complicated process, and professionals use Adobe Photoshop to provide this service. Hence, without advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, a person can’t complete this task.

Sample of Ghost mannequin services
sample of our neck joint service

Why is the invisible Mannequin Important in Apparel Industry?

The apparel industry, especially e-commerce sites, displays and sells its products online. Nowadays, different businesses are choosing an online platform for selling their products and influencing others to buy products online. It is significantly essential to display products appropriately in order to achieve attraction and inspire a customer to purchase the product. As apparels are different in size, color, and shape, so wide-ranging editing is required as well as an image that needs to be well optimized in order to present on a website.

Most of the e-commerce sites depend on models or dummy to spectacle clothing as it offers the buyer a great understanding of how the apparel would look like when they put on their bodies. Depending on a mannequin is not preferable well as it is unappealing and unpleasant to look at. And that is the reason the mannequin should be evaded while presenting a product at an e-commerce website.

Let’s look at the benefits of invisible mannequin

  • Provides the expected 3D hollow look of the apparel by joining the front and rear.
  • It helps the clothes to display as dressed before a buyer.
  • Increases selling of apparel products.
  • Helpful to create helo clothes.
  • Promotes color and pixel.
  • Fixes the brightness of an image.
  • Adjusts the texture and provides glam to gorgeous parts.
  • Exhibit product photos in fit and exact shape without models or dummy

Our skilled and experienced photo editor team enhances your product’s appeal. Whether you need to work for your entire mannequin or only neck area or a join or remove any imperfection on clothes image, GEI is at your help. As said earlier, customer loves to look at more natural-looking clothing as they can dream of themselves wearing your products or accessories. We believe in quality and ensure it before submitting the work to you.

The ghost mannequin effect is highly needed for an e-shop, professional clothing photography, fashion photography, and ready-made business to attract their worldwide clients. We offer below 4 types of Neck Joint services that are popular among our clients.

360º or 3D Pack shot

360 or 3D Packshot Invisible Work

Do you want to publish a 360º or 3D image of your product on your website? We need a few ingredients from you to do so. Send photographs of your products from different angles as well as join the missing areas such as neck, top, bottom, and sleeves. You must get quality works.

Neck Joint

Professional Neck Joint

When the mannequin is removed from a dress, empty space creates at the neck area. This empty space needs to be corrected by joining the back area of the neck and the front area to generate a full-shaped image. We create a real ghost mannequin effect for shirts, trousers, jackets, shorts, lingerie, jewelry, and many more.

Hem/ Bottom Joint

Bottom Joint

You will find a new trend in the tops where the back part is longer than the front part. We significantly create Photoshop effects on these kinds of images and join the bottom part. It will make your clothes image more natural and realistic. Please try our hem joint or bottom joint service in Photoshop.

Sleeves Joint

Sleeves Joint

This amenity is required to eliminate the mannequin from the empty area of the sleeves and generate a ghost effect. The long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, jackets, etc. need an empty effect to produce a 3D shape. Our expert designers eliminate this mannequin and fill up the hollow parts joining sleeves.

What Images Are Eligible for Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint?

If you are thinking about hiring Graphics Experts India for 3D Invisible mannequin or neck/ sleeve/ bottom joint services, multiple photos (mostly two) of the same product are required. Because for getting the natural look the original images of different part is required. 

If it said another way, we suggest providing one front part image of the clothes put on the dummy and another one of the back parts without the dummy.  Let’s look at the images below… 

Sample Ghost Mannequin and Neck Joint before editing
Image One: Front part (with dummy).
shoot 2- back part (for nack of the image)
Image Two: Back part showing the label – Exposing previously covered area  ( without dummy).

Hence, additional images can add an extra dimension to your images. Likewise, an image of the sleeve, or hem. After, receiving the images with the instruction our photoshop experts will create an outstanding image, that not only promises to attract customers but also sell the product.    

When to apply an invisible mannequin?

These image editing works are recommended for you when you don’t want to show the dummy or model. Generally, dummies are a one-time investment. But, it creates an obstacle to the professional look in eCommerce/ webshop. Now, here is the list of circumstances that require is a type of effect- 

  • Ecommerce – Apparel Images like shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, caps, bottom wares, etc.
  • 360-degree images- Generally it shows the font and the back part of the images rotationally. 
  • Preserve the natural look while showing the label and inside. 
  • Minimizing the expenses of hiring the model. 

When not to apply?

This technique is not recommended when-

  • You want to preserve the contract with real people (I.e. a  photo of your brand cloth on a movie star.)
  • Typically, a full-set dress with match clothes, belts, and shoes is not appropriate for an invisible mannequin.

How We Guarantee the Perfect Photoshop Neck Joint?

As we mentioned earlier, to make the perfect neck joint in {hotoshop, we need two images of a cloth. One of them is the front part with a dummy or mannequin, and the other image will be the back or neck part without the mannequin, so the inside label is visible. 

Now, to achieve the perfect look,

  • Firstly we create a clipping path around the front part to isolate the cloth from the dummy/mannequin. 
  • Then do the same process on the neck part. After that, we put the neck part behind the front part and keep it in the perfect position to cover the empty area. 
  • After that, our Photoshop expert team makes a  shadow on the inner neck part to make it more realistic.
  • Hence. it will give the cloth a 3D look also adjust the brightness and color to make the product look more appealing to the target customers. 
  • Finally, our 3 Step Quality inspection reviews the full works carefully. 
Sample Ghost Mannequin Image After Editing

Our Invisible Mannequin Work Samples:

Our photo editors are always updated with Adobe Photoshop to provide impressive services to our clients. We are ready to solve any queries regarding invisible mannequins, retouching, photo masking, background removing, and many more. GEI ensures quality and is providing a cost-effective hollow man effect service to our customers. Our efficient and skilled designers are well disciplined in maintaining the deadline, and this made us one of the most reliable graphic design companies in the world.

Neck Joint Before After
Bottom Joint Before After
Sample Hollow Clothing
Ghost Mannequin Effect Before After
Pant Ghost Mannequin Effect Before After
Ghost Mannequin Editing Before After

FAQs on Ghost Mannequin Services

Why are we calling it Ghost Mannequin?

This technique refers to removing/ vanishing mannequins. means, photo editors cut out the mannequin’s body from the garments and model. Hence, this is also known as Invisible Dummy Service.

Is it necessary to add an effect on the dress’s product image?

This permits the photographers to capture straight-through to the label; it helps to reduce the digital editing needed to generate a “Ghosted” image. Also, the neck joint-
1. Enhances product beauty,
2. Removes bad wrinkles, dark spots,
3. And fine lines from the skin,
4. It creates a 2D/3D shape.

Can all types of Mannequin be Ghosted?

Yes. Choose any mannequin and tell your editor to make it a ghost, believe the editor can do it quickly.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Our basic price is $1.5 per image. However, it depends on the complexity. If you are willing to know about the price, then asking for the quote request will be the best option. For more information, you can visit our pricing page. 

Who needs this service?

Retailers of an e-commerce site, magazine, printing, Ad agencies, and other different websites.

Need Ghost Mannequin Services Now?

Here in Graphic Experts India, we are offering the best quality and cost-effective works with many other additional advantages. Our experienced team ensures clients’ satisfaction. As we prioritize quality over everything.  However, you can judge our work quality, by taking a free trial. 

Order our world’s best Ghost Mannequin services now! This effect is highly efficient and appealing to enhance your website’s conversion rate. Hence, you can utilize a trial to judge the quality before ordering.

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