Clipping paths service and it’s Uses

Clipping paths Service is used in Graphic Experts India to separate images from their backgrounds : Fast (all the time within 24 hours), specialized (assured: if you’re not satisfied, we will do again the job at no extra cost) and economical (starting at $0.48 per image). Separating images and any extra processing are done by hand, 100%.But GEI has programmed the entire supplementary process (uploading, checking, briefing, downloading and all communication involved).

clipping path Why use GEI?There are four main reasons to choose Our Company


GEI is a very easy on-line application through which you’ll simply transfer, check and manage jobs. The whole advancement is automatic and takes place within the application. Communication and standing updates occur via automatic e-mail messages and web notifications.

Cheaper than Removing Background yourself

Our prices differ between $.48 and $10.00 based on the image complexity level. Whatever the complexity of an object is you never pay more than $10.00 per image! Here the average price is about $5.00 per image but except more extreme complexity.

Quick delivery (within 1 – 24 hours)

Generally we take 24 hours deadline for the task about 250 images without pausing our regular client. For more complex images or large file formats we may need a bit more time and it may be approximately 48 hours. Moreover, smaller jobs are done within 4 hours!

Perfect and professional

GEI guarantees 100% quality. But if you’re not satisfied we’ll do the job again at free of cost. Do you like to test our service quality? Just Click here to get a complete image editing for judging our quality for your first isolated image.


clipping path

Creating and using clipping path

Original Product Images

Photo Background

Original photo with the original background

Creating a clipping paths

Photoshop Clipping

Creating a clipping path In Photoshop, a manual clipping path is created around the object Hand-made! Accurate to a pixel

Background Removing

Photoshop Clipping Path

By converting the path into a selection, the background can be removed

Transparent background

Product Images

By applying the clipping paths you can isolated object or background and make it transparent to use it on any background

Photo Masking

photo Masking

Photo Masking If preferred, objects can also be isolated using alpha channels or masking


clipping path service

GEI is an eCommerce Product Images Editing House

Cheap, fast and professional!

  • It couldn’t be easier.
  • Fast: Delivery within 1-24 hours.
  • Cheaper than doing it yourself. Starting at $.48 per photo.
  • Perfect, hand-made clipping paths. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
  • You can try it out for free!
clipping paths

What else Photo Editing does GEI do?

GEI can do anything!

In addition to Product images background removing, GEI offers:

  • Multiple Clipping Paths
  • Single Clipping Paths (work path)
  • Photo Masking, channels
  • Combination Clipping paths + Mask
  • Photo Masking, layers
  • Shadows, natural shadow
  • Photoshop Cropping, Straightening and Resizing
  • Shadows, reflection
  • Shadow Making,
  • Image Manipulation and Creative Processing
  • High end Photo Retouching (e.g. Sharpening) and Restoration
  • Color Correction / Recoloring
  • Industry specific solutions (Example: “Invisible man” for fashion)

If you want to know more about us, Please mail us at We are always ready for for you with our additional services.

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