Mastering Amazon Photo Editing – Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Millions of big and small businesses and sole proprietors can benefit from listing their products on Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you must take professional-grade photographs. Amazon Photo Editing for products is the most convenient, quick, and widely accessible option.

On Amazon, the contest is far fiercer than you might think. It takes meticulous planning to attract the interest of web-based buyers.

Here, you will get the idea from top to bottom about this. This explanation will enrich your concepts and work out for your business. So, let’s go for it.

What is Amazon Photo Editing?

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. There are a vast amount of sellers and consumers. For sellers, the main way to polish their product images is to attract consumers.

Amazon photo editing means the seller has to edit their product images. There are different kinds of options available to edit the images. You have to follow Amazon’s editing criteria strictly.

They are easy enough to modify that many individuals can do without help. A professional Amazon photo editor, however, is a secure bet.

Professional Amazon photo

Get your product pictures ready. Their announcement of your identity will be the first of its kind. High-quality, well-edited product photos are essential on Amazon.

Customers’ minds are off the merchandise at the moment. They see the image for the first time. If your brand’s image is appealing enough, consumers will check it out. That’s why professional product photo editing is crucial on Amazon.

When time is of the essence, the quickest option is to freelance photo editing for this. You will get premium quality feedback that will keep the bank intact. Their services are more effective and secure than locals.

You are well aware that engaging imagery aids in forming a bond with customers. Customers can inspect the product’s layout in a 3D shot. This will give a sense of the item’s quality than ordinary flat images.

Is Hiring Amazon Photo Editor Worth the Price?

Amazon is the most prominent e-commerce service in this era. Many people have benefited from this business platform. But there are some criteria to get that benefit. Product photo editing is one of the vital conditions.

Amazon Photo Editor

To reach the highest progress peak, you must maintain a professional touch. It’s impossible to draw worldwide audiences with ordinary photos. Change is inevitable as time progresses. Get your money to work for you.

There are a few factors behind hiring a professional. These are described below:

Professional Vibe

You can’t discount the effectiveness of a professionally edited photo. Consider working with a professional to get your photos edited to perfection. If you’ve seen photoshop photographs, it’s essential to employ experts.

Competition in the corporate world has been rising rapidly. I want you to keep fighting and realize how valuable you are.

Maintaining Legalism

Including captivating images boosts the credibility of a website and is essential for attracting visitors. A simple photo album wouldn’t do the trick. But even at that, the traffic engagement rate is multiplied by five times.

Google is constantly monitoring your website’s traffic behavior and engagement rate. Authentic photographs are required. The symmetry of product images is essential. Choose carefully if you need them for legal purposes.

Convenient Feedback

Attractive visuals might outperform the competition. In crucial times professionals are the savior. They are quick and perfect at this job. You can rely on them undoubtedly in that situation.

Hiring them for excellent evaluation in the virtual world is so easy. You can hire them without even going out. Don’t worry about the price. That is also super affordable.

Expands Revenue

Whatever you do is to make the success rate go up. Of course, this is key that you can increase that rate. However, other things also depend on the revenue. But this can be vital because of the primary impression.

Lastly, the judgment is in your hand. If you think that this is worth it, then it is. My opinion is always on the positive side.

Tips to How to Optimize Amazon Product images

To successfully run an online store, pictures are essential. Customers on Amazon have access to a plethora of products. Many will first peruse the photographs before deciding whether or not to hit the link. Your Amazon product picture quality is crucial to your sales.

Following our tips on how to optimize Amazon product images could boost your profits. To prevent the product photos from becoming a liability. Amazon product image optimization tips are here to help. This method will ensure your images are top-notch!

Clear About Amazon’s Conditions

A prerequisite is properly getting your images’ aspect ratios, sizes, and proportions on Amazon. Amazon will likely decline your product listing regardless of your other efforts.

Your image background should be pure white. The supported file formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF. The empty surface should be around 15%. The value should be within 1000-10000 pixels regarding height and weight.

If you need more detailed information, visit the Amazon site. You will get all the answers about rules and conditions.

Give Attention to the Image

Amazon allows you to upload many images, but you must pick the most important ones. If you didn’t do that properly, images might not show correctly. To meet Amazon’s standards, the entire product must show the picture.

So, make sure that no edges or ends are cut off. Keeping Amazon happy will boost your listing’s visibility in search engine rankings.

This is Amazon’s criterion and an obvious choice for increasing sales. You must use authentic images. It is the suggestion to maintain better resolution. Everything in the ad must be directly relevant to the product.

Highlight the Product Features

The range or the inside of the goods you’re selling is particularly noteworthy. The best approach is to capture this feature separately and offer it as a separate image. Having seen the product, your target market will be more likely to purchase.

Add Infographics

Infographics are an excellent tool for giving your product listing some flair. Infographics are images that communicate a story by breaking up and excitingly organizing blocks of text.

The primary product image on your Amazon must be white and cannot contain any text. A well-designed infographic can assist you in drawing attention to the unique selling aspects of your product.

Give Priority to Your Target

Similarly, while writing a product description, consider your audience. You should do the same while making visuals. In a nutshell, consumers must recognize themselves in your items. Your product or service must fit the buyer’s needs and preferences.

Comparison Graph

Amazon customers usually browse many listings before making a single purchase. Including built-in comparison tables with the product and images can save shoppers time and effort when conducting pricing research.

For customers with limited time, comparison graphs are a fantastic way to condense lengthy product data into key features and purchasing motivations.

Highlight Images from Every Angle

Include as much detail as possible about your product in the Amazon listing. They should snap photographs from various positions to provide clients with a complete image of the goods.

Take photos of the goods from as many angles as possible to give your Amazon listing the best chance of success.

Bullet Points

Using bullet points is an excellent approach to improving your brand’s image while increasing revenue, leading to additional sales. It is common practice for us to provide crucial details in the description. Of course, you’ll also want to show this off in your extra product shots.

Aside from the initial image, the text format allows you to include additional photos and bullet points. Incorporate it, but ensure it doesn’t steal the show from the actual product.

Many of your efforts go into selecting trending things to sell on Amazon and writing appealing product descriptions. It will be for naught if your images do not pique your customers’ interest.

Because you’ve come this far, optimizing your images is the least you should do for your company and clients.

Top Amazon Photo Editing Techniques to Use for Product Images

Using high-quality photographs for online retailing is crucial to the success of your business. High-resolution photographs with clear backdrops and perfect lighting will help you enhance the conversion rate.

Low-resolution images that could be clearer, clearer, or indistinct put off customers.

There are some factors to focus on before editing. You should have a clear idea about image types and categories on Amazon. There are approximately six types of categories to follow.

  • Profile Product Image- First image that everyone will see when roaming.
  • Other group images- These will show detailed product images.
  • Infographic Shots- Give specific instructions according to product usage.
  • Product User Guide- It is the short form of a user manual.
  • Manipulated Images- These will make the image more appealing and eye-catching.
  • Comparison Table- Highlights the benefits and features.

In light of this, it is prudent to outsource the process of retouching photographs for use in online stores. Among these offerings is a wide variety of Photoshop projects.

You only need some of them. Using a few more unusual ones will help your product photos stand out. There are some techniques described below:

Image Editing and Enrichment

Amazon Photo Editing

The Amazon product picture improvement service includes extensive image manipulation, including but not limited to color calibration, image modifications, and background enrichment of the product photographs.

To improve the quality of your photo, professionals will eliminate any imperfections they find. They will enhance the background and modify the image to meet Amazon’s specifications to attract more customers and improve brand recognition.

Image Transformation and Cropping

Image Cropping

As a digital portrayal of your product, images are vital to the success of your business. In terms of dimensions, Amazon permits images up to 1280 pixels. Please do so to avoid a low-quality image display or the listing is hidden entirely.

Transforming the size of an item can assist in avoiding making it look oversized. Understanding the needs is the first step in scaling down. You’ll need a method of shrinking photographs without significantly degrading their quality.

Image size is essential since it draws attention to the goods.

For Amazon, cropping might help you get the perfect composition. Removing things at the margins can also bring the main subject nearer to the audience.

Background Removal

Background Removal

Consumers may only notice your goods if their history is relevant and clear. Pros in photo editing will crop out any distracting elements. They will also adjust the lighting and color to showcase your product better.

Experts maintain high-quality standards while removing the background from a product image.

Recreating Shadows

Shadow creation

Shadow creation adds reflection shadows to a product shot to boost its visual appeal. A wide variety of shadows exist. Natural shadows and computer-generated shadows both have their uses.

Shadows cast by backlit or highly reflective objects can be deep and smooth or either one or the other. All realistic items have a shadow. This aids in emphasizing the product’s inherent qualities.

Without any shadow, it may seem artificial or cartoony onscreen. This means you’ll have to use some picture editing program to fake a shadow falling on the subject.

Color Adjustment

Color Adjustment

Color is a vital part of any picture. A product’s color scheme may improve its mood and overall attractiveness. Using only one color tone to depict an image may risk losing appeal. Color correction includes more than other factors.

Adjusting the hue, saturation, and exposure may also enhance the color tones. Pros can make the colors pop by altering the white balance, exposure, contrast, and brightness in Photoshop. Hiring experts will help your brand’s reputation and expand your online sales.

Decreasing Noise Effect

Noise reduction

Noise reduction evens the brightness of your product photos by decreasing the variation in their image pixels. As a result, professionals will smooth out any rough edges and make them more enticing to buyers.

This will make the image more crisp and sharp. The customer will understand the edges perfectly.

Image Retouching

retouching service

Buyers lose the tactile experience in an online store. They can only trust the pictures of the goods. Therefore, you should employ product photo editing to give your goods a more glossy appearance.

In the world of online retail, even the smallest amount of editing can have a significant impact on sales. An expert retouching service can significantly improve the product’s realism.

In other words, this will make it easier for customers to see what they’re getting and arrive at a better decision about whether or not to buy the product.

What to Consider When Selecting an Amazon Photo Editor?

Expertise in retouching images of products is one of a kind. If the professional image editor you hire doesn’t have experience with product photos, you may end up with subpar results.

Hiring the best photo editing firm involves some research to guarantee high-quality results. Ensure your photo editor is top-notch in the factors below before uploading photos to Amazon.

Company or Person’s Experience Level

Analyze the company or person’s track record in the industry as well. They likely know every trick in the book if they have been in service for some time. This enables them to choose the appropriate editing form for any given product.

Hiring a professional image editor with product photo editing experience can be a good use of money and time. Check out their collection or sample projects to understand their working quality and approach.

Potential customers can test many editors without risk using their free trial options. As a result, it’s preferable to work with a business that employs expert photo editors.

Explicit Knowledge of Amazon’s Criteria

There is a wide variety of industries that use commercial picture editors. One of them is online photo editors for online stores.

Choose editors with experience in online retail. If their previous job history is in the field, you can be confident that they are conversant with all of the policies and procedures of such sites.

Amazon has specific image requirements for the main, infographic, and other images. They will work following the image’s intended purpose and intended viewers.

Quick Response Time

Can the company modify your photo quickly if you’re in a pinch? When can you expect them to hand off your project? It’s essential to have solid answers to these and similar inquiries.

Timely delivery of services and prompt attention during times of crisis are hallmarks of a reputable business. In addition, you should find out how quickly they can respond to your needs and if they can offer emergency assistance.

Confidential Data Privacy

People like to appropriate ideas or creations correctly. In the realm of online business, everyone wants to seem their best. There’s still room for deceit if you want to accomplish that.

The most common cause is the lack of protection for shared photographs’ privacy, knowledge, and validation.

Regarding this matter of confidentiality, you should double-check with your editor. Consider having an agreement drawn up if one is needed. As a result, they should meet all of your specifications and back you 100 percent.


Let’s get down to brass tacks; you must also consider your budget. The price per photograph varies widely between different providers. It costs $2 per photo at certain businesses but only $1 at others.

You can avoid wasting money by comparing the two products’ qualities. If the quality at 1 USD is sufficient, then by all means.

It’s OK to let them know if you want a truly remarkable photo. You’ll have to shell out a little extra cash. Despite the more significant price tag, not all businesses can provide satisfactory results, so weighing your options is essential.


What does the Amazon photo editing process include?

There are some factors included in Amazon’s photo editing process. Those are:
1. Proper dimension of the image.
2. Top-notch resolution.
3. The complete white background of the main image.
4. Retouching and lighting adjustment.
5. Other adjustments to make the product appealing to customers.

How much does it cost to edit an Amazon product photo?

It depends on your demands and the company’s quality of work. The cost varies from one to another. You must browse their features and cost to find the best deal.

Does Amazon require photo editing services?

Amazon didn’t officially mention in their policy that they need edited photos. But their image requirements need proper editing. To fulfill those criteria, you may have to hire an editing service.

Final Words

To sum up, Amazon maintains strict and well-organized regulations regarding product images. A product photo that does not meet Amazon’s standards will be taken off the listing. Because of this, your online store’s bottom line will take a significant hit.

To prevent this from happening, sellers should consider Amazon photo editing. You’ll need top-notch photo editing abilities to pull this out. Getting outside assistance to grow your online store is essential in this case.

Product photo editing’s significance in fostering the expansion of your Amazon business can’t be stressed. That’s why you need to focus on it seriously.

Godspeed!! Have Faith!

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