How to Resize Image for Amazon in Photoshop

Amazon is an e-commerce business site. It allows people to register as a retailer and sell their own products. If you are a beginner to FBA, then you may be facing difficulties when listing a product.

Amazon seller uploads their product details like – images, descriptions, specifications, and prices on the site, for making a good sale. However, Amazon maintains strict roles for each detail.

In this article, we will discuss how to resize and crop a product image to get approved on Amazon.

Let’s begin…

Resizing Product images for amazon

There are primarily two reasons why an image needs to be resized… 1) to fulfill the amazon image requirement and 2) to get more sales by making images look attractive.

Hance, resizing, and cropping an image is critical. Because there is some kind of limited size format. And amazon sellers have to maintain those size formats and requirements also, which I’ll demonstrate in this tutorial.

Step 1: Finalize the image

On your list of galleries, you need to choose the original image. To do it, pay close attention to the pixel dimensions on the right.

Amazon wants 3000px X 3000px max pixel dimensions. Sometimes this is creating too much zoom and desired 2560px X 2560px.

You need to ensure that the image is the same or bigger than the image to be uploaded. You need to make it bigger if it’s smaller, which affects image quality and makes it look worse.

Step 2: Amazon Image Requirements

Amazon image requirements are very important to Amazon sellers. They have to maintain the requirements which are compulsory to them.

When you want to upload the image in amazon then the image’s minimum size should be 1000px in whichever height or width. But the recommended size is 2560px wide. The maximum size of images is amazon prefers 3000*3000px.

Read the full amazon image sizing documentation.

Step 3: Open It Up In Photoshop & Review The Sizing

Before you start working on it, it’s also a great exercise to figure out the size of the image. There are two methods to see the image size.

Method 1:

You would do this by Image > Canvas Size.

Method 2:

Or, Image > Image Size.

Inspect image size in photoshop for Amazon

Inspect image size in Photoshop

Inspect image size in photoshop 2nd method  for Amazon

Step 4. Resize & Crop the image in photoshop

Open your Photoshop software on your pc or mac.

  • Click the crop tool in the toolbar which is on the left side of the screen. It looks at two right angles overlapping. Or press the “C” button on the keyboard.
  • Then you can see that, Over your picture, you should see the crop box emerging.
  • If you want a particular aspect ratio of the final image, You can identify which is in the tool options at the top of the screen.
  • You can see there are already have aspect ratio. Then set the ratios 1 X 1, without limit. It will help you to keep a crop in a square.

NB: I am using minimum size 1000px X 1000px here to show you.

Resize image  for Amazon
  • You can change the size of your crop by using the crop handles in the corner of the crop box.
  • The box will sustain the ratio if you want to make it bigger or smaller when you put a specific aspect ratio.
  • You can adjust the width and height individually when you have fixed the aspect ratio.
  • By clicking and dragging into the crop box, you can also move the crop box around the picture.
  • In the Tools Options menu, press the double arrows to adjust the crop orientation from picture to landscape.
  • Press the checkmark in the top right of the screen and click the Enter key whenever the picture is cropped to your amusement.
Cropping image in photoshop for Amazon

Cropped and resized images for Amazon

Step 6. Save and upload

After finishing the product image resizing then you can save the image in your specific folder or you can save the image on your desktop.

  • Finally, you need to upload the image. Now how can you upload the image?
  • For uploading the image you need to go to the inventory menu and select the manage inventory not managed FDA inventory.
  • Search for the list for which an image is to be included.
  • Select Manage images from the drop-down menu for the image you want to edit.
  • Click Add Images.
  • Click the Browse file button in a photo slot. You can choose a blank slot or substituted an actual image.
  • Press Open to pick the photo to upload. In the lower-left corner of the image slot, the name of the image file will appear.
  • For selecting the image you need to click Upload images.

Why do product images need to be cropped and resized?

In Amazon, product images are generally displayed in square shape. So, in order to ensure a similar size and look, product pictures need to crop and resize. Hance, Product image editing is required…

It means your uploaded image needs to match a specific pixel size. Though you can you automatic crop and resize tool online. But, this is not recommended by professionals. As there is a high chance to get a partial image of a product image.

Hance, photoshop is the reliable one any type of image editing, corp, resize works.

Final Verdict on Resize Image for Amazon in Photoshop

To upload an image in amazon cropping and resizing is a must. In this article, I will try to describe how you can do it easily.

Feel free to ask any questions or share them with your friends…

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