20 Best Photography Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Profit

Have you started your photography business and are searching for the best photography marketing ideas to reach your client? Traditional marketing strategy like an ad in a newspaper or magazine is backdated now and a waste of money. 

Marketing is the hardest part of any business. If you have goods and services, but you cannot get the potential clients, that isn’t very worthy. So it would be best if you built an exceptional marketing plan that draws attention to your client. 

The 20 Best Photography Marketing Ideas and Tricks  

Especially in photography, there are many free marketing tricks you can implement.

Why not choose an option that is cost-effective or free? In this article, we will cover the 20 best photography marketing ideas. It will help you to elevate your photography business profile. 

1. Determine Your Target Market

Determine Your Target Market

Before getting started, identify your target market. For example, a family portrait photographer, wildlife photographer, food photographer, or fashion photographer, all their target niche is different. Get more specific.

Today in fashion photography and food photography, you will get a broader market. Advertising agencies and online marketplaces need a lot of photography of their products. Restaurants, food processing, and packaging companies need food photographers.

Choose your passionate area, focus on the marketing plan to speed up the client list. Don’t try a couple of areas; it won’t work.

2. Create a Google Business Page

Create a Google Business Page

You can create a Google My Business page to promote your business. Include your location as a keyword. So that when people search for a photographer near your area, they will find you.

This business listing is free. You need to add your business name, studio/office address, and contact no. Pick a correct business type, write a well-defined business description. Ask your clients to leave a review on your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

A local searcher would be your ideal customer. It is the best way to attract the target audience. It has several benefits.

  • Promote your local business.
  • Improve online visibility.
  • Works as a digital business card.
  • Have a significant impact on attracting more ideal customers.


3. Use Social Media Platforms

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are top-notch ways to promote a business nowadays. Stop wasting time by scrolling or seeing a friend’s post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Instead, share your business page and promote it by advertising.

  • You can use Facebook ads to give a message to your target audience. Select an eye-catchy photo for the ads. 
  • Launch a paid campaign on Instagram. It will boost up a specific target audience. You need not have a thousand followers but focus on the thoughtful post. So that potential clients can notice you.
  • Use Pinterest to increase your visibility. Use relevant tags that correctly match your business. Write a short description for each board. 

4. Start Blogging for Photography Marketing

Start Blogging

As a photographer, you have to prove your specific skills and ideas to lead your competitors. Also, a better marketing concept to reveal your personality. Blogging is an excellent way to do this. You can honestly occupy with your audience.

Not only focus on the sale but also share your stories and experience. People not only hire a photographer for photos but also find expertise. Build your brand. It will determine the amount of money you get. Your blog post be like,  

  • Why are you in photography? How much you love your work.
  • Experience in working with clients.
  • Specific ways and methods you follow. 
  • Show your clients and get feedback from them.
  • Share a specific photo story.
  • Create tutorial video content.
  • Review of the products you use.

Use the right keyword in the subheading. Optimized content on your website will help to get more traffic. 

5. Build a Customer Database

Build a Customer Database

Build a customer database to keep track of your projects. An organized database is necessary for personalized communication. It builds a pipeline to track from the initial stage to the last contact. It works as direct marketing and helps to promote your business.

Input your ideal clients, add information about your current clients, add notes of any co-marketing or charitable partners. You can also do a personalized follow-up, improve client experience and efficiency. It helps you to enhance marketing efforts.

There are lots of free and paid fancy programs. The general way to create your clients’ database.

  • Collect all of your client’s contact info.
  • Select any cloud service or a spreadsheet.
  • Make sure to backup it.
  • Include any information if needed.
  • Enter data along with a photo.
  • Add the database to your workflow.

6. Email Marketing as Photography Marketing Ideas

Email Marketing

Build an email list to be up-to-date with your clients. This is email marketing. Here you do not have to make a random list of people and try to sell your service. Instead, it may be your client or anyone interested in your work.

Social media channels always do not work well. So email marketing is the best way for photographers to promote their work online. You can reach thousands of followers with a strong email marketing plan along with your photography website.

  • Create content to show your recent photoshoots, availability, your promotions, and giveaways.
  • List emails from your existing database or create a new email database.
  • Make an attractive and interesting subject line. It must be simple and not more than 50 characters.
  • To avoid hitting the spam box, don’t write a misleading subject line, all capital letters or words like “click here,” “free,” “100%”.
  • Show your care by giving them a special discount or wishing on a special occasion. 

7. Offer a Special Referral Reward

Offer a Special Referral Reward

Word of mouth advertising is a most powerful marketing technique. To move forward in your photography business:

  1. Use this technique.
  2. Tell your friends and families to inform others about your business.
  3. Share your business page and recent works with your friends and colleagues.

Encourage your clients by offering them a special referral reward. For example, offer them a certain amount of free prints if they refer you. Or you may provide a special photoshoot for the top referrer of the month. Some referral ideas you may follow.

  • By directly asking people for the referral.
  • Email friends and clients.
  • Offer a gift for the top sharer on Facebook.
  • Send thank you cards or host a giveaway for the client.
  • Make a custom business card. Like “refer a friend get $50”.
  • · Offer free photoshoot or a discount for future purchases.

8. Build a Network With Other Photographers

Build good contact with other professional photographers in your local area. It helps you to reach more people. Attend any photoshoot program, seminar, or workshop with them. Or attach with other professionals who directly or indirectly need photography. You can promote their business and ask them too.

If you are a wedding photographer, wedding decoration or catering professionals would be your marketing representative. Both of you can get help from each other. If you are an architectural photographer, connect with real estate agents. They are your cross-promotion partners. 

9. Engage With Charitable Work

Collaborating with a charity firm would expand your network. It will create new business opportunities and is one of the most helpful marketing strategies. Work with a charity firm that matches your business.

Like if you are a food photographer, partner with a charity food bank. This helps you get your name out there and creates a strong relationship with them. Your charitable works are like.

  • Donate a session fee to the charity.
  • Create a special photoshoot event that benefits the charity.
  • Offer a micro-session to promote charitable work.
  • Photoshoot their works for free.

10. Arrange Photography Contest

A contest is an ideal way to promote your business. People enter the contest for something they cannot effort. Offer them an attractive prize. It may be a free photo session with family, a framed photograph, any photographer starter kit, etc. An online contest is more cost-effective than an offline contest. It also spreads awareness of your business, creates new social fans. As a photographer, you can arrange competitions.

  • Photo contest- upload photos on a specific topic that is related to your business.
  • Hashtag contest- upload a photo along with hashtag your brand.
  • Vote contest- display some of your photos and call for a vote.

11. Arrange a Special Event

Arrange a Special Event

Arranging an event is much better than offering a free photo session. It helps to boost the visibility of your business. For example, it may be a special photography class with you or a workshop. In this way, you will get more clients indirectly.

Teaching would help you to get some extra cash. You need not sell your service here directly. Instead, focus on teaching the basis of photography, how you make it, and display your work. Show them that you are an expert.

People who come to learn are most likely like photography. So they would bring you some potential clients. Or you may co-sponsor an event with others. 

12. Collect Your Client’s Testimonial

Collect Your Client's Testimonial

Collect testimonials from your clients, feature them on your website, blog, and social media. Also, use it in your advertising and other promotional materials. It is a powerful marketing idea to build trust.

A testimonial is a form of sharing content marketing to connect the audience. Ask each of your clients to share their experience working with you. Make a short video post it into your blog post and other print materials. Don’t polish it too much.

13. Increase Your Visibility

To increase your visibility:

  1. Attend as a guest on a relevant webinar, another blog, and radio or TV show. The more you make yourself visible to others, the more people will know about your business.
  2. Ask the organizer or blogger to include your details.
  3. Hashtag and share the episodes on social media and other platforms.

One easy way to get people’s attention is to attend video content. It is easier to show your personality here. Try to answer the FAQs about you and your business, any exciting event in your life that would be useful to others.

14. Image SEO Photography Marketing Ideas

Image SEO

The image SEO technique helps to find you easily on the web. Your website contains a lot of graphical content. To make your site rank higher in search results, optimize it. Image optimization is needed for faster loading time, additional ranking opportunities, and a better user experience. Use high-quality photos to make your site more attractive.

There are some factors to make sure that your images are findable. Follow these optimization tips.

  • Choose the correct format. JPEG, PNG, WebP are the most common for web photos. Photographers use JPEG for bigger images. 
  • Compress it. It is highly recommended to compress your image before uploading. It speeds the page speed.
  • Try to create and upload a unique image.
  • Copyright your images. 
  • Customize image file name. Use descriptive, keyword-rich file names.
  • Make a metadata and header tag. Google uses page title and description as a part of their search algorithm.
  • Make the image mobile-friendly.

15. Build Trust With Your Clients for Photography Marketing

Build Trust With Your Clients

People like to use products and services that are personally connected with them. Try to build that personal relationship with your customer. Photographers build a behind the scenes stories that give the audience more motivation. Through these stories, you can invest in your service.

Make a strong bonding with your clients by sending them special greetings periodically. Then, if they like your work and trust you, they would recommend you to their friends.   

16. Content Marketing Photography Marketing Ideas

To attract new customers, content marketing is an effective way. Create custom content that is valuable and relevant to your business. Provide content that is helpful, informative, show your work and current events. The contents must be shareable so that the reader can share them if he finds them useful.

Use your content as your brand awareness. As a photographer, consider the following,

  • Contents are directly about photography: for example, tips to hire a wedding photographer. 
  • Contents directly not about photography but in context. For example, different types of portrait photographs.
  • Contents about photography but not in context. For example, photo editing techniques. 
  • Contents not about professional photography. For example, how to take a better picture with your mobile phone.

Remember that content marketing is an ongoing process. It will not work if you do it once or twice. Choose one that is easier for you to keep up with.

17. Make a Holiday Card and Poster

One of the best ways to get a client is to show them that you can only do it. For example, a client feels special when he sees that you send him a custom and unique holiday card with a particular photo. Or you make your personalized poster using their image with their permission.

As a photographer, you can make the most epic holiday cards with your photos. It may be a custom wedding announcement, birthday card, Christmas card, or others. Send them to your friends, families, and clients. Don’t forget to include your business info and website address. You can also make a calendar, poster, and souvenir with your official logo.

18. Make a Stunning Sample Album for Photography Marketing

As a photo blogger, you must have an online photo album. It is suitable for showing off your works online. But when you meet a client face-to-face, you need a sample photo album to impress him. Make a stunning album with your best photos. Printed photos also help to visualize your work and how the images look like. It is the best tool to win a client. Bring it everywhere you go.

19. Participate in Fairs and Shows

It is a classical marketing idea. If you are a wedding photographer, participate in a wedding fair. Bring your sample photo album to show others. Make a slideshow and a presentation, give your business card. Sponsor an event or arrange a mini photo session.

You can host an open photo shoot. It is a good idea for a follow-up. It will enhance your marketing position and reinforce your brand in the marketplace. Moreover, it helps to showcase your working style, and the visitors can experience your workflow. Offer your visitors a little freebie or a coupon that they can use the next time. If your guests enjoy the event, make it a regular function.  

20. Contact an Advertising Agency

If you are an editorial or commercial photographer, contact an advertising agency. Because a marketing and advertising agency helps you reach your target market, find a company you want to work with, prepare a PDF of your work, add your recent results, and send it to them. Update it after two or three months.

Avoid free editing tools; instead, hire a professional designer. They can help you to create a lovely PDF booklet. 

The final word on Photography Marketing Ideas

Marketing is an essential part of any business. Your photography business marketing would be time-consuming and complicated at the very beginning. But once you can build your brand, you don’t have to look back.

Start by trying a few tips discussed above. Then gradually increase it. You have not followed all of the ideas. Or not all of them would work well with you. Always be aware of your promotion.

Show your passion for your work and write a unique personal story on your About Us page. It keeps you apart from others.  

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