Photoshop Pen Tool Tutorial | Create a Clipping Path

Photoshop Pen Tool

Photoshop pen tool uses to create a clipping path. But, when you don’t know how to use the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop, you will struggle to make selections in Photoshop. Unfortunately, most people find learning how to use the Pen tool in Photoshop, complicated, and confusing. That is why they don’t show interest in … Read more

Clone Stamp Tool Photoshop to Remove Dust and Scratches

Clone Stamp tool Photoshop

Photoshop has a wide range of post-processing tools to do minor edits of an image. When it comes to making any major editing like removing dust and scratches or flyaway hairs or correcting imperfections, etc., you can use a Clone Stamp tool Photoshop spot healing brush, or healing brush tool. With the clone stamp tool, … Read more

Photoshop Tutorials – Basics on Photoshop Layers

Photoshop Layers

Photoshop has a wide range of powerful features, and the Photoshop layers feature helps to streamline the photo-editing process. The Photoshop layers are responsible for delivering premium-quality images. For beginners, working with Photoshop layers can be frustrating. A beginner can lose him/herself because there are many Photoshop layers available. We made this tutorial to give … Read more

How to Use Background Eraser Tool in Photoshop CC 2020

Background Eraser Tool Photoshop

Do you want to remove unwanted areas from your image? For instance, want to remove complex background like hair, fur, trees? Well, choose the background eraser tool Photoshop. Don’t get fooled by the name of the tool. It is because Photoshop has nothing to do with an image background since it doesn’t know what an … Read more

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